Waste Disposal: What Are the Options?

Refuse Collection Where Does it End Up - Rubbish Removal Chester
Refuse Collection: Where Does it End Up?
May 15, 2021
Waste Collection Made Easy Chester
Waste Collection Made Easy
June 11, 2021
Refuse Collection Where Does it End Up - Rubbish Removal Chester
Refuse Collection: Where Does it End Up?
May 15, 2021
Waste Collection Made Easy Chester
Waste Collection Made Easy
June 11, 2021

As we pour more and more waste into the environment it can only be expected that the effects will be much greater for our children and their children in years to come. As a consuming society we continue to generate excessively large amounts of waste as part of our lives. 

Our waste generation and disposal methods are now in the spotlight as the focus at the highest levels of government is on greenhouse gas emissions and global warming around the world. It’s a good thing that’s happening too, before it’s too late and the damage becomes irreversible. The question is: will we ever be able to stop the littering and pollution of our seas and land?

The answer has to be that we must, otherwise we are destroying the only earth that we have. 

There have been numerous advances in the way waste is disposed. Let’s look at them.

The duty of every citizen to dispose of waste correctly can’t be over emphasized. But do we all know the options available to us? As a responsible waste disposal company, Rubbish Removal Chester strives to separate waste streams and dispose of waste according to best practice. 

Here are the most important ways to dispose of waste:

Waste Disposal Methods

Of the most important ways methods of waste disposal, being able to use waste again is the best. By doing so, it becomes an opportunity to make money out of the process of collection of reusable waste and by turning the waste into a useful product. 

This particularly applies to glass, aluminium, metals, and plastic. As the momentum gathers, many more products are being made from recycled materials. It starts in the household, and jt requires a little extra effort, but the results are very encouraging.  

Benefits of Recycling 

Being the best solution for the reuse of waste materials, it is also the answer for the environment as a whole. Imagine an environment where there is no sign of plastic pollution! 

Wouldn’t that be a dream! 

Unfortunately, not all waste materials can be recycled, and the issue is what to do with them when they need disposal. Recycling is a chain, starting in the home and ending up in a recycled product. It saves authorities budget normally needed for waste management activities, and in the process is a job creator for those often in need of cash. 

By collecting and delivering recyclable waste to a recycling centre, collectors can earn money every day they do so. 

Biological Decomposition & Reprocessing

While recycling can consume a big portion of waste generated, we now can effectively use paper, plant materials and food scraps to make mulch and compost for the garden. This means the waste disposal of these categories of waste can be performed right there on your property and save you money having to buy fertilizer for your garden!

This organic matter takes a bit of time to decompose, and by using biological decomposition methods the process can be made quicker. Some avid producers of compost use earth worms, a process called vermiculture, where the earthworms actively breakdown the organic matter for you. 

Both aerobic and anaerobic methods are used for biological decomposition depending on whether it’s for home or industrial purposes and the complexity of the materials used. Methane gas produced in the process of biological reprocessing can also be used as waste gas for electricity production.

Another way of dealing with waste disposal is to use nature itself to assist. This method of dealing with waste products is called bioremediation, and could apply to waste like oil, sewerage, and toxic substances. 

The action of naturally occurring microbes who see these waste types as food results in the microbes digesting the particles thereby effectively turning them into nontoxic substances. It’s an emerging trend that its catching on and is entirely eco-friendly. 

Waste Disposal through Combustion

Otherwise called incineration, it is a common way of disposal of hazardous materials in particular. However, where landfill space is limited, it is used more widely for waste disposal. 

From an environmental viewpoint though it could be considered as an air polluter when the waste material is converted to gas, ash, and heat. The upside is that it is a highly efficient way to do waste disposal as the mass of the waste material reduces by up to 96% when it is combusted in an incineration plant.

While it is a relatively expensive way to dispose of waste, smart incinerators can harness the gas produced to use as energy thereby reducing the cost of running the incineration plant. 

Landfills for Waste Disposal 

We leave this one to last, as it’s the easiest and most common method of disposing of waste. But it’s the one method that is the most harmful to our environment as no matter how carefully a landfill is managed, disposing of waste will do that tract of land immeasurable harm while the landfill is active and for years thereafter. 

Of course, if we could all keep all the aforementioned waste items out of landfills it would be a different picture entirely. But the fact is that it’s not the case. Just visit a landfill, and the first thing you will see is a mountain of plastic. 

Good management and maintenance of a landfill should help minimize the odour, methane and keep the run off liquid penetration levels into the ground substrate under control. 

This will help prevent a landfill from becoming a source of health hazards and environmental pollution in the surrounding areas.

Let Us do Your Waste Disposal

When you are looking for help with waste disposal, give us a call. We can help you to ensure that waste is disposed of properly. If you would like to be responsible with your waste disposal, you will be helping the environment. As your community partner in responsible waste disposal, you can be assured of us helping you do the right thing. 

Rubbish Removal Chester is a licensed waste removal company, as we haul away waste and dispose of it correctly. We collect your waste at a time convenient to you even after hours and at weekends. We also offer a same day junk removal service.

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