Shed Removal

Shed Removal Services in Chester

If you have a shed you need broken down and removed, the trained and super-fast team at Rubbish Removal Chester is geared to do it for you.

Rubbish In Your Shed?

Most people who have gardens have a shed. And we know a shed is where all kinds of worthless disused items from your house end up. Your shed will need a clean out. This is a job for us: give us a call. As expert shed removers, we operate across Chester, Deeside, Ellesmere Port and neighbouring areas. We offer to clear that shed at a convenient time to yourself, today, on the weekend or when you have finished work. Because we know you are busy, we will fit into your plans.

It doesn’t matter how much junk you have in your shed. The Rubbish Removal Chester team will clean up everything. We can even do part of the removal if you require. We can even take the whole shed down or simply just clean and sweep it for you.

Our shed services include cleaning, demolishing and removal of the whole shed. We don’t offer heavy demolition and for us knocking down a shed should be easily done using only a hammer and a wrench, with no need for fancy equipment. We remove everything from your shed including redundant furniture, old lawnmowing equipment and anything else that has accumulated over the last few years. Our two-man team can load it all.

Our recycle policy also applies to sheds. A lot of items found in a shed are recyclable and even the shed itself. Contents may include old tools or mowers which can be refurbished and put into use again. It depends on the size and fullness of a shed, but on average the size of the contents of a shed is 2-6 cubic yards, and the size of the job is dependent on how full the shed is. The size of the shed itself is about 2-4 cubic yards.

To give you the flexibility we are open on weekends and are also available to come after hours. Our same day service for urgent collections is part of our high standard of service, and we fit into your busy schedule.

Shed Removal and Disposal in Chester

Rely on Rubbish Removal Chester to be completely ready and able to do every aspect of shed removal work. Our clients are always satisfied with our efficiency and service. Depending on the size of the shed, big or small we will send the right about of men to dismantle it.

If you are needing your shed to be broken down and removed, give us a call today for a free, complete quotation.

Call us now, or simply go online and leave your details on our Contact Us page, we’ll get back to you soonest.

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