Proper Waste Disposal is Our Responsibility

Responsible Waste Management and Waste Disposal Programme Can Help Your Business Go Green Chester
How a Responsible Waste Management and Waste Disposal Programme Can Help Your Business Go Green
September 17, 2021
Responsible Waste Management and Waste Disposal Programme Can Help Your Business Go Green Chester
How a Responsible Waste Management and Waste Disposal Programme Can Help Your Business Go Green
September 17, 2021

Proper Waste Disposal is Our Responsibility

Proper waste disposal is an issue everywhere, even in the most developed countries. While most of our household waste is recycled in the UK, unfortunately still at least 25% of this waste is sent to the landfill. The provisional figures for 2020 show that 67.2% of packaging waste in the UK was either recycled or recovered according to the official statistics on waste. But the recycling rate for waste from households increased in all UK countries in 2019, with England’s rate at 45.5%. The highest was 56.4% in Wales.

Fortunately with more investment in recycling and also in energy recovery facilities, and statistics showing that more of us are recycling, waste management efforts should become more sustainable soon.

We all buy into the idea that reducing our personal waste is the way to go, but some of us struggle to get started. The rules around recycling seem so complicated what with the different symbols signifying the types of waste, and the sorting out different types of trash rules that apply to our junk. 

But any little changes we can personally make in the way we live however insignificant they may seem, will make a difference, even if it just involves switching from using plastic bags to cloth ones or using our own cups for our takeaway coffees instead of the disposable paper cups supplied by our favourite coffee shop. The same applies for plastic water bottles. Paper coffee cups and plastic water bottles contribute massively to the amount of trash out there, and there is no guarantee that by throwing them in bin they will get recycled. 

This is part of the confusion surrounding our expectations surrounding recycling that throwing something into the rubbish bin, it will get turned into a new product automatically. Unfortunately if it goes in the wrong bin, it may mean that the entire bin gets sent to the landfill if there is no filtering. So if something is improperly recycled it can get mixed up with the good stuff that is meant to be recycled, it can mess up the sorting equipment causing delays at the recycling plants, or it can contaminate a bale of materials that otherwise could be valuable. Even something as simple as greasy plastic packaging or unwashed or non-recyclable materials can contaminate a whole bale of recyclable material and make it too expensive or too difficult to process. In this instance it will get dumped in a landfill, or worst-case scenario, burned or discarded into the environment on land where dumping isn’t allowed.

What You Can Do to Ensure Your Trash Ends Up in The Right Place

  • Careful what you throw into your recycling bin. You will most probably be safe placing plastic soda bottles and aluminium cans, as well as glass bottles, paper, and cardboard, but sometimes these must be separated. Plastics can be problematic as the symbols stamped on them is not a sign that the bottle is recyclable. As a general rule, rigid plastics are normally recyclable.

    These items are accepted in one container in Chester:
    Aluminum cans, foil, and pie plates
    Corrugated cardboard and boxboard
    Glass bottles and jars
    Metal Cans
  • Check with your municipality what is not recyclable or should not be placed with your recycling. Items like cords, clothing, and hard plastic like hoses can cause problems if they are mixed with your recycling. 
  • Recyclables are considered commodities but if they are dirty or contaminated, they are worthless. So it is important to ensure that they are clean and properly prepared so that they may be turned into new products. This is where their value lies. So make sure your recycling is clean.
  • If you are in any doubt about an item, it is better not to recycle it as one incorrect item has the potential of spoiling a collection.
  • Rubbish Removal Chester is always on hand to deal with any waste you either are not sure of how to dispose of, or any other household or garden waste that is cluttering your yard up. In fact, rubbish removal companies such as ours are there to give you the peace of mind that your rubbish is disposed of responsibly at a reasonable price.

What We Do

The waste situation in Chester is serious and the only way to guarantee a clean city and surrounds is if we all work together. Rubbish Removal Chester has been around for a long time, and we can assure you that only when all options have been explored for the disposal of your waste, will any of it land up in the landfill.

Each and every household needs to contribute to responsible waste management practices in Chester. We have to ensure that the right waste goes into the correct bin so that there is no chance of possible contamination of entire loads. We can start with these recycling methods and systems at home.

Technology has come a long way to ensure that waste can be turned into something useful, and by doing the right thing and following the guidelines, we can ensure that this becomes a reality. At the same time this will go a long way to solving the problem of waste pollution and environmental degradation. We all want to live in clean surroundings and with proper waste management systems and practices, this is definitely possible. 

So let’s do the right thing and let Rubbish Removal Chester be your partner in your community to find solutions to your waste problems. We are always available to help you carry through your good intentions. We are a licensed waste removal company offering a flexible trash removal service that fits around your busy life. This means we can even come after hours and at weekends to load up your rubbish if this is what you want. We also offer a same day junk removal service. As well as household waste, we remove garden rubble, construction waste, and your business waste as well. Please check out our website for reviews from real customers. We look forward to helping you. 

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