Waste Disposal Chester What Are the Options
Waste Disposal: What Are the Options?
May 22, 2021
Remain Relaxed During Your Furniture Removal Chester
Remain Relaxed During Your Furniture Removal
June 11, 2021
Waste Disposal Chester What Are the Options
Waste Disposal: What Are the Options?
May 22, 2021
Remain Relaxed During Your Furniture Removal Chester
Remain Relaxed During Your Furniture Removal
June 11, 2021

Waste accumulates almost everywhere there is human activity. This means that there must be a waste collection procedure and a waste removal company that is licensed to provide the waste collection service. In most instances the Council provides a regular service which is backed up and augmented by private waste removal companies.

When it comes to waste collection, waste removers often provide a container for the home or business owner to deposit the waste into. Each receptacle is designed for a particular type of waste, sometimes these are colour coded for easy identification and to ensure the right type of waste is deposited in the correct container.

Rubbish Removal Chester offers a wide range of services that provide waste collection of almost every conceivable type of rubbish. The advantage of using a private company like ours is the immediacy of collection, and the high standard of service levels offered. No matter what the rubbish is, you show us where it is, and we do the waste collection.
We do all the hard work for you, thereby saving you the trouble of having to pick it up and move the rubbish to, for example, the curbside. This is the way we make waste collection easy.

Types of Waste for Collection

In the commercial sense there are many kinds of waste collection requirements:

  • High levels of commercial waste are generated which include food waste, packaging plastic, packaging boxes and toilet hand towels.
  • An office will have plastic food containers and bottles, cans, office papers and even broken furniture to be disposed of.
  • A commercial cleanout where there is a change of tenant would require a complete range of waste to be disposed of.
  • The premises may be altered through a renovation, requiring small demolition waste removal.
  • Electronic junk would be treated separately with e-waste procedures having to be followed.
  • Warehouse junk could involve metal and large weight bearing structures to be disposed of.
  • Office furniture waste collection and other bulky waste collection items will be requiring a vehicle big enough to load everything and a team large enough to handle the heavy lifting and loading.
  • Construction waste from commercial improvements and office strip-outs requires a waste collection method which does not disturb the daily work routines.
  • Hazardous waste includes worn out PPE, empty paint containers, empty thinners cans, used effluents, grease cans, used paint brushes, spill kit contents, light bulbs, oily rags, and toxic substances.

Home waste collections involve a range of different waste streams, each requiring a particular kind of receptacle in which it should be placed.

In the home environment the common waste streams are as follows:

  • Furniture removal need never land up in a landfill site. Along with a bed and mattress removal, which are other popular items that are disposed of in households when they become too old or uncomfortable.
  • White goods and appliances are good to be recycled and require specialized upliftment as they are a bulky waste removal.
  • An estate cleanout often requires a complete waste collection of every type of waste imaginable.
  • Kitchen and bathroom strip outs along with a hot tub removal involve a mixture of old bathroom or kitchen accessories along with renovation rubble which needs a competent waste collection procedure.

Garden and yard waste is any form of waste that does not come from a building such as an office, warehouse, or home. Examples of yard waste include leaves and grass clippings along with any dead plants, tree branches or trunks and brush that is cleared.

Yard or garden waste could also include rocks, twigs, roots, and garden dirt.

  • A lot of garden waste is organic in makeup and can be composted, right on the property.
  • The advantage of this is that it can be added to your garden soil structure where it can assist in retaining moisture, which is beneficial for your plants. It also helps combat soil erosion and provides nutrition in the soil.
  • It’s important to separate the organic materials and this also helps reduce waste collection volumes.

Getting Waste Ready for Collection

Waste collection is made easier if it is placed in a container that is easy to handle and is appropriate for the materials that need to be disposed of. For example, a load of left-over cement and bricks from a construction project is not suited for a bag or bin, but rather for a skip or bulk load where it is collected mechanically.

Using Bins

Each home should have a few trash bins to hold the rubbish in for waste collection. They keep the property neat and should be stored in a designated area waiting for waste collection day. Lids should be tight fitting to prevent spillage or overflow. Some features of a good bin are:

  • Handles on the bins make for easy handling.
  • Wheels on the bins allow for ease of movement.
  • Colour coding make for easy identification of what they should hold.

Building a trash shed to hold the bins is a good idea, in a place where they can be conveniently washed and cleaned.

Compost bins holding different types of food waste are also an advantage for those wanting to use the organic materials for their composting efforts. By allowing these materials to decompose for a few weeks, you will have fertilizer for your garden.

Reducing garden waste by mulching is a good way to make the pile smaller. Tree and shrub trimmings can be mulched and combined with lawn clippings and leaves and spread over the surface of your garden to add nutrients and provide a moisture retaining layer to the surface of the soil.

We Collect

As a licensed waste collection service provider in the Chester area, Rubbish Removal Chester is equipped to collect any type of waste imaginable.

We help keep your community clean and ensure the natural environment is not impacted by waste.

Let us haul away bulky waste, garden, or construction waste. We serve commercial businesses and homeowners and it’s our commitment to collect waste and dispose of it correctly. Our service can be same day or at a time convenient to you. We even do after hours waste collection and at weekends.

Please contact us at enquiries@rubbishremovalchester.co.uk

Chester: 0124 495 3100