Refuse Collection: Where Does it End Up?

Being Properly Equipped for Refuse Collection
Being Properly Equipped for Refuse Collection
May 10, 2021
Waste Disposal Chester What Are the Options
Waste Disposal: What Are the Options?
May 22, 2021
Being Properly Equipped for Refuse Collection
Being Properly Equipped for Refuse Collection
May 10, 2021
Waste Disposal Chester What Are the Options
Waste Disposal: What Are the Options?
May 22, 2021

Most of us have watched our rubbish being tipped into the back of a truck on refuse collection day and not given any thought to where it goes. Those entrusted with refuse collection should be qualified to dispose of it correctly and even though it is a stinky, messy job, someone must do it. 

The fact that waste is continually being generated at homes, in businesses and elsewhere means that it must be assembled and dumped when it starts to build up. 

However, there are those people that can’t wait for refuse collection day or have refuse that is non complaint, and they simply resort to a sortie under cover of darkness to dump junk illegally. 

We will find out what happens to waste when it is disposed of on refuse collection day, as well as the implications of it being dumped illegally.

Refuse collection is a daily function of Rubbish Removal Chester. We are licensed to collect refuse in Chester and the surrounding areas. Our responsibility to the environment is of primary concern. This means that all our actions involved in refuse collection are responsible and geared to ensure that the impact of the disposal methods are driven by best practice. 

What Happens to Refuse? 

The most convenient place for dumping refuse is at a designated place, a landfill, present in most towns.


Refuse that is collected must be disposed of at an authorized site. This is commonly called a landfill. You may recognize the place driving past, where scavenging birds like crows, kites and seagulls can be seen circling in the sky over the dumpsite. 

It’s not a pretty sight nor does it smell healthy. Filled with rotting materials, a landfill site will be managed by a licensed operator who ensures that refuse that is collected and dumped there is correctly sorted and treated. 

Landfills sites limit the damage that refuse collection and disposal have on the environment.  This doesn’t mean that a landfill is not bad for the environment, because it is. But the facility acts to control the disposal of waste and to prevent it from being indiscriminately dumped elsewhere in unauthorized places. 

It’s in effect a controlled space for the depositing of a refuse collection, where limited recycling takes place. 

Illegal Dumping 

Otherwise called fly-tipping, illegal dumping of rubbish is a continuous problem facing authorities who try to control the disposal of waste. It is a process where rubbish is discarded on a bulk basis in places that are not authorized for dumping.  The headache fly tipping causes cannot be underestimated, as it tends to become a domino effect for others to follow suite. 

Besides defacing the environment there are several other problems caused by fly tipping:

  • They lower land values and damage the soil integrity. 
  • It costs a lot of money to rehabilitate the area.
  • Run-off of the dumped materials leaches into the soil and water courses.
  • It attracts flies, pests, and scavengers. 
  • Natural vegetation gets destroyed and weeds and alien plants start to take over. 
  • People start fires at the dumpsite which can spread into adjacent vegetation. 

Despite the threat of conviction and the heavy fines imposed on fly tippers, they continue regardless. Continued awareness and education programs will help in this regard. 

Sorting Refuse Before Collection 

We often get lazy when it comes to rubbish disposal. The easy way to dispose of rubbish on refuse collection day is to put all the rubbish in one bag, tie it and put it into the wheelie bin ready to be loaded on the truck. 

In the bag could be items and materials that should not be included with the normal household refuse.  

So instead of dumping everything into the landfill, let’s look at other ways these materials can be disposed of: 

  • Scraps of food and leftover waste that can decompose can be converted to compost.
  • Plastic, glass aluminium and paper can be used for remanufacturing or recycling.
  • Other uses can be found for the items that are intended for disposal. 

It’s About Our Environment 

Our environment continues to get choked up with rubbish from human activities. As populations grow, there is more and more pressure on authorities to get their refuse collection practices in order. 

Environmental activists are campaigning for a cleaner environment, with conservancies and protected areas being carefully guarded against pollution. As urbanization increases, more pressure is put on waste generation in these places. Here sticking to refuse collection routines is essential as a missed day can result in messing up the environment. Therefore, urban renewal initiatives and urban cleanliness are equally important and often more difficult, and it requires a coordinated effort from the community and the refuse collector. 

What the world needs is to avoid is the refuse ending up in the wrong place. That’s why refuse collection should be put in the hands of the experts. 

Our aim at Rubbish Removal Chester is to assist with climate change reduction by being aware of the damage greenhouse gas generation does in waste disposal. We support practices like composting and recycling and have associates in the business of remanufacturing and recycling. 

In our view refuse collection is an especially important function to perform for communities. 

Call Us 

So, besides bringing your part by following the best way of making sure your refuse is ready for the collection day, there is a way of being part of a conscious team that assist with the broader objectives of protecting our environment. 

This can be done with your help in keeping our community clean and pristine by reporting fly tipping when you see any evidence of illegal dumping. We are your leading waste management company in the Chester, here to serve. Our responsible and reliable refuse collection routines are designed to provide immediate service, even same day if required. 

Call us when you need to haul away just about anything you have for us, we will deal with it in the correct manner, after hours or on weekend if necessary. 

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