The Olympics: Beneficiaries of a Waste Removal Campaign

Waste Management and its challenges Chester
Waste Management and It’s Challenges
August 6, 2021
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Waste Management and its challenges Chester
Waste Management and It’s Challenges
August 6, 2021
5 Ways of Making Waste Less of a Burden Rubbish Removal Chester
5 Ways of Making Waste Less of a Burden
August 19, 2021

The Olympics: Beneficiaries of a Waste Removal Campaign

When a waste removal project is well coordinated it can be truly effective and inspiring. Imagine mobilizing 1600 municipalities and sparking the imagination of the public to collect over 80 tons of small electronic gadgets like laptops and old phones for a specific project. 

Sounds far-fetched? Not at all! We have just seen the results of this campaign proudly displayed as gold, silver, and bronze medals around the necks of the winners on the podiums at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games. 

This isn’t the first Olympics where recycled materials have been used. At the previous Games in Rio the gold and silver metals also contained recycled metals. Following that, the idea was soon planted for the following Olympic Games in Tokyo. 

The Power of a Cause

The Tokyo 2020 Medal Project was started in 2017 and nearly all the towns and cities in Japan worked towards the common cause to encourage the citizens of this proud nation to donate their old electronic equipment. The collection of the equipment was made easy through the establishment of collection points at strategic places across Japan. 

It just goes to show that if a waste removal project captures the imagination of a nation it can be very successful. 

Electronic is a waste sector that is growing the fastest. Over the last five years it has shown a 20% growth worldwide. The reason? It’s all about new trends and technologies and the short life cycles of modern-day electronics we have come to live with in our society. 

It has taken a Global event like the Olympics to mobilize a country and ignite their imagination to think about the fact that their old electronic gadgets contain value that can be repurposed by extracting elements to manufacture the medals at the Games.

The facts are that the project yielded an amazing 32 kgs of gold, 3500 kgs of silver and 2200 kgs of bronze. It supports the adage of “there’s money in waste” when we consider that the gold alone has a market value of about two million dollars. 

In this case the repurposing of the materials that were extracted from the e waste was done in a highly creative way. A public competition to design the medals was held to involve the nation even more. 

We also know that not all electronics are ready for the scrap heap. By donating older models that are still working to schools, communities, and NGO’s the owners could be helping bring the less fortunate into touch with the big wide world. 

There are also many sites that accept donations of old electronics that can help find a home for used electronic equipment too. 

How should e-waste be treated in our normal daily lives? 

Responsible E-Waste Reduction

There are several channels to reduce the amount of e-waste and to deal with its disposal responsibly. 

The first is to find an e-waste recycler. This is the best way to deal with e-waste. These are specialist treatment facilities that are authorized to recycle and recover materials for future use from electronic waste.  Larger e-waste recyclers will work with companies needing to dispose of large volumes of e-waste, even arranging for collection of materials for processing and reuse in their factories. 

It was found that by involving employees in factories producing electronics that by introducing the concept of the circular use of strategic metals in their products they became far more committed to the idea.

By making this idea target driven and educational, the idea is very likely to catch on and get the buy-in of employees. 

From a consumer perspective, the incentive to trade in old electronics is a good way to secure the old gadgets for the purpose of recycling. Progressive electronics companies and retailers make offers designed to encourage the users to rather bring their old devices to them instead of just letting them end up in the landfill. 

Given the valuable components that would normally be thrown away, it makes sense for the large manufacturers to offer a buy-back incentive, not only from a cost point of view, but also to save on pollution of the environment.  

Waste Removal Methods

There are harmful toxins such as arsenic, lead, mercury, selenium, cadmium, chromium, and flame retardants in e waste. In fact, about 70% of all the toxins that leach into the environment emanate from e-waste. 

Those qualified to recycle e-waste have a responsibility to identify, isolate and remove these toxins prior to disposing of the product eventually. 

A major part of the e-waste treatment is the disassembling the electronic device into individual components and selling those parts which can be reused in other applications. The metals recovery processes separate out, as they did for the Olympics, the metals like gold, silver and bronze that have a high value. 

It’s good to know that the Olympics supported more waste removal efforts in addition to the e-waste project. This included the use of recycled cardboard to manufacture the beds used by the participating athletes, together with mattresses which were designed to be recycled when the games were finished. 

Electric cars for transport around the village and the construction of temporary accommodation using construction debris are two further eco-friendly ideas that were put in place for the Olympics. 

This eco-friendly approach is sure to be followed through in Paris for the 2024 Olympics, where, as we know, environmental awareness is very advanced. 

Our Role in Responsible Waste Removal 

As a leading waste removal company, Rubbish Removal Chester ensures that whatever e-waste it collects it is treated correctly. We cannot afford to let e-waste exude its toxins into the environment if they are discarded in an improper manner. 

By keeping waste out of our community, we are doing ourselves a service for future generations. We encourage all initiatives that are aimed at the proper collection and recycling of e-waste. The Olympic story is one which inspires us all. It shows what can be done if we put our minds to a project like this. 

If you have e-waste that you need to be removed, contact us for advice.  

Help us keep Chester clean and free of e-waste. 

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