5 Ways of Making Waste Less of a Burden

The Olympics Beneficiaries of a Waste Removal Campaign Rubbish Removal Chester
The Olympics: Beneficiaries of a Waste Removal Campaign
August 11, 2021
Chester Regular Rubbish Collection Will Keep Your Environment Clean and Healthy
Regular Rubbish Collection Will Keep Your Environment Clean and Healthy
August 24, 2021
The Olympics Beneficiaries of a Waste Removal Campaign Rubbish Removal Chester
The Olympics: Beneficiaries of a Waste Removal Campaign
August 11, 2021
Chester Regular Rubbish Collection Will Keep Your Environment Clean and Healthy
Regular Rubbish Collection Will Keep Your Environment Clean and Healthy
August 24, 2021

The only way to tackle the scourge of waste build up in our society is through a progressive vision and a will to implement it. The good news is that as far as the UK is concerned this vision exists, and it’s going to take a concerted effort to execute it. 

Waste Removal companies like ourselves at Rubbish Removal Chester play a role in the waste management chain to help reduce the burden of waste on our society. Keeping our environment clean is one thing, it’s what can be seen when waste removal and disposal is done effectively. But it goes far deeper than that: it all starts at the beginning: when products are made, they should be made with the sustainability and ecological consequences of their disposal in mind. 

Getting consumers to buy these sustainable products is another thing, and so the theme follows all the way through. What is needed is for it to become a habit in our society so that we don’t have to police it any longer.

Possible? Yes, we believe so, but first let’s look at the cycle and find out what the 5 ways of making waste less of a burden on our society are. 

At Source: Make Production More Sustainable

The first objective is addressing the products that cause the damage to our environment when they are disposed of.

Research shows that the vast majority of products harming the environment could have been made in an alternate way that is less harmful if sufficient thought was given to their method of production initially. 

With this in mind, the vision involves the concept of making the manufacturer responsible for the damage they do to the environment through their packaging.  Secondly, its proposed that a tax be levied on products that don’t contain at least 30% recycled materials.

Manufacturers are to be more careful regarding the chemicals used and fall into line with a new strategy. They also are encouraged to work in accordance with the minimum standards of resource efficiency in the design and use of materials in their products.

However, even when new eco-friendly products come on to the market, how do we get the consumers to drop their old habits, and get them to buy them?

Motivate Consumers to Use Sustainable Products

The saying that “its fine to invent better products, but how do you get the customer to buy them?” Well, they need a reason or incentive to do so in the first instance. To do that they need to have information about the sustainable nature of the products they should be buying.

It could also become legislated to forbid the sale of products where there are more sustainable alternatives available. 

Consumers should be encouraged to reuse products, and motivated to buy remanufactured items. Lastly, it all begins at home. The way used products are disposed should be addressed in each and every home to ensure their disposal is done correctly.

And this brings us on to the age-old discussion about recycling and its role in society. 

Improve Recycling and Resource Recovery

Before we do talk recycling remember that even a product recycled many times eventually ends up on the scrap heap. This means that waste seemingly will never come to an end. 

However, if all households and businesses buy into the process of continuously separating their dry recyclable materials for collection, it goes far to make great strides in this area. 

Food, as we will see a bit later is a big contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, and households and businesses can do well to keep food waste out of landfills. 

At local authority level, by looking after employees involved in waste management, their working conditions and reward systems for helping achieve waste reduction targets needs concentrated focus. 

Two important areas, namely waste to energy processes, and the efficient disposal of hazardous waste, are earmarked for innovative disposal improvements to be able to reduce their impact on the environment. 

Crack Down on Waste Crime

Far too many people are still ignoring the rules regarding waste disposal. This is costing the country dearly, as they fly tip and export waste illegally. The only way to tackle this is to hurt their pockets. Hardening of the rules and more effective policing with better intelligence sharing will help catch the perpetrators. 

By applying more stringent rules and harsher penalties and establishing a Waste Crime Unit to focus on the problem, the rule breakers can be brought to book quicker. A public campaign will help deter them too and bring the seriousness of the problem to light to all. 

Reduce Food Waste

There is a UN resolution in place to reduce food waste by half in the next ten years. Food waste on its own contributes to 20% of the greenhouse gas emissions, and therefore tackling food wastage is a priority. 

Food that would normally be discarded while still edible will be used in programs for use before its inedible. The bigger picture is to create awareness of food waste, get commitments from food producers and food outlets, set targets, and then tie them into redistribution arrangements, particularly to the needy.

This campaign can make a significant contribution to waste reduction in this sector. 

Our Role in Responsible Waste Removal 

Being a responsible waste management company, Rubbish Removal Chester buys into this program and is excited about its objectives. We hope you are too!

Looking after our environment is all of our concern. We cannot afford to let our careless habits of discarding waste irresponsibly damage our environment. 

By managing our waste in a responsible way, we are looking after the only earth we know, for the benefit of our children and their children. It must start with all of us, from the origin of the product, to choosing the right one to buy, and ultimately to look after the food that is in excess.

When you need a waste removal in the Chester area, please call us.   

It’s our joint duty to keep Chester clean and free of waste. 

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