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waste management chester
Waste – Going Green, Chester
November 25, 2020
Christmas gifts - Christmas waste removal Chester
Christmas Season Waste – Chester
March 19, 2021
waste management chester
Waste – Going Green, Chester
November 25, 2020
Christmas gifts - Christmas waste removal Chester
Christmas Season Waste – Chester
March 19, 2021

Use this time of the year as an opportunity to rid yourself of the excess clutter that you have accumulated throughout the year. Not only is it an opportunity for a good home cleanup, but it also helps make extra space in the house.

We all are guilty from time to time of buying something new and not getting rid of the replacement. We end up with two of everything, and only really use one of them. This applies especially to electronics. But you can be excused if you have received something as a present, like what happens over Christmas.

It’s a good thing to be waste-wise, looking at what we really need and what is taking up extra space in the house. When cleaning out, a lot can go to recycling, and the rest hauled away by a local junk removal service provider.

Having said that there are three ways to rid yourself of junk:

  • Local council collection
  • Junk DIY
  • Using a licensed local junk removal company like Rubbish Removal Chester


Local Council Collections

The Chester Council offers an efficient service, providing three coloured bins for residents to separate their waste streams and collect on scheduled days.

The two wheelie bins accommodate different types of waste: black for general waste and green for garden waste. A brown bin is provided for food waste, which covers most of the food items that are discarded from home use. 

In addition to these, they will collect waste products from your boxes: grey for plastic, foil and empty aerosols, and a green box for the collection of a multitude of items from glass to batteries and small electrical items. For a full list of what you can put into this box, and a detailed list of all the items allowed into the wheelie bins see here

The difficulty comes with items that the Council does not find suitable for recycling and won’t collect. What does the homeowner do in these cases?

These include a long list such as:

  • Broken glass and light bulbs
  • Glass household items: oven ware made of pyrex, drinking glasses, mirrors, decorative glass, windowpanes and glass ornaments
  • Metallic wrapping paper and polystyrene trays or packaging
  • Metal window frames, car parts and other metal items
  • Tissues, kitchen roll, wet wipes and paper towels
  • Paper or cardboard that’s contaminated by food
  • Plastic bags
  • Hardback books
  • Toys
  • Pet food and baby food pouches
  • CD cases and cassette tapes

 Being aware of the type of materials that can be collected helps the homeowner with the process of deciding how to dispose of waste at home. 


DIY Rubbish Removal

Many homeowners that are faced with a build up of junk look at doing some of the disposal themselves. 

What must be guarded against is the short cuts often taken in disposing of waste. What is evident is that some homeowners take chances and dispose of their junk illegally. Fly tipping or illegal dumping is a problem across the UK. Mostly this is caused by the difficulties faced when the Council doesn’t take certain types of waste. 

This leads to homeowners taking it upon themselves to dump the waste. When this occurs, perpetrators face possible prosecution and heavy fines. 

When faced with the challenge of disposing of difficult items, it's best to consult the Council or a private waste removal company who are sure to be able to find a solution to the problem. 

Recently there have been many interruptions in waste disposal services, causing some desperation amongst people who have taken it upon themselves to dispose of their waste, sometimes illegally. 


Hiring a Waste Removal Company 

The best option when faced with the challenge of removing waste and getting it disposed of responsibly is to use the services of a private waste removal company. This is a particularly easy option, as calling us at Rubbish Removal Chester is quick and we are a locally based company in your area.

When immediate waste removal is required, particularly the difficult bulky items, or electronic waste, garden waste or yard waste, we can be on your doorstep very quickly. If necessary, we can come the same day, or even after hours as our service philosophy is to accommodate all the needs of our Chester residents as and when service is needed.

We are also on hand to give advice about hazardous materials, which is a specialized service that we don’t offer, but know how to help you when you are faced with this problem.


Some Interesting Waste Facts of 2020


  • The volume of waste produced in UK households annually is in excess of 26 million tons, which is over 400 kg per person.
  • This year less than half (45%) will be recycled, a figure that is below the anticipated government target of 50%.
  • From this it is evident that waste generation is still a huge burden on landfills throughout the UK.  
  • In amongst this figure is food waste at unacceptably high levels, half of which is still edible. 

Electronic Waste

  • The fastest growing waste stream in the UK is electronic waste. 
  • The fact that over 2 million television sets end up in the landfill instead of being recycled shows that recycling efforts can be improved.
  • In addition, as much as a quarter of all e-waste is repairable or reusable. 


  • Aluminium cans are relatively easy to put into the recycling circular economy.
  • 16.2 billion aluminium cans are used in the UK a year.
  • The value of aluminium cans make them economically worthwhile to recycle, they have a value 20 times greater than other forms of waste.
  • Notwithstanding this, £36 million worth of aluminium still ends up in the landfill annually.


Rubbish Removal Chester– How We Can Help You with Responsible Waste Removal 

Rubbish Removal Chester is right here in your area. We are a local licensed junk removal company that actively promotes the responsible management and disposal of waste in the Chester area.

Call us when you next need waste disposal. Our prices are very keen, and the waste disposal service is carried out professionally. 

Let’s keep Chester clean together!

Please contact us today for a No Obligation quote for your office cleanup: 

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