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Being ‘Waste Wise’ – Chester
March 12, 2021
Online Returns Waste Chester
Online Returns Waste, Chester
March 26, 2021
waste disposal bins for plastic, glass, paper, and other waste rubbish removal chester
Being ‘Waste Wise’ – Chester
March 12, 2021
Online Returns Waste Chester
Online Returns Waste, Chester
March 26, 2021

This is the one time of the year we can really go overboard and enjoy ourselves. The festive season is one in which we enjoy eating (sometimes excessively), partying with family and friends, and having a good time. 

In doing so we get ready by making the home look exciting for children and family, with gifts that we give all around the Christmas tree. The fact that we give and receive and eat so much is a sign that we are going to generate a whole lot more waste in the process.

And this is true when you look at the staggering waste statistics every year, here in the UK.


How Much Waste is Created Over the Festive Season?

Festive season waste arises from the large rise in the number of materials being produced (such as packaging, wrapping paper, plastic and glass decorations, extra food that’s prepared and consumed and so on) that eventually has to be collected and disposed of. 

  • The fact is that in the UK, there is a 30% increase over the festive season. 
  • More than 1 billion Christmas cards are purchased, most of them end up in the bin.
  • More than 6 million Christmas trees are used and must be thrown away after Christmas.
  • Imagine all the wrapping paper that ends up being binned.

The amount of food that goes to waste is extremely large. The figure runs to more than 270 000 tons just in the UK alone. In our efforts to make sure there is enough for everyone, we normally over cater. If this is calculated per capita, it's enough food for three extra people at a Christmas lunch!

  • During this time 10 million turkeys are purchased of which 91 million slices are wasted.
  • That adds up to 20% of the turkeys that could be eaten are thrown away.
  • Also thrown away is the equivalent of 5 million Christmas puddings, and 74 million mince pies.
  • Then there 130 million Brussels sprouts turfed out over the festive season.


Ways to Reduce Household Waste over the Festive Season   

Most of the excess waste will reach the landfill too, as normal services come under pressure. This of course adds to the amount of greenhouse gas released into the atmosphere, adding to the global warming problem. 


Clever Choice of Gifts

By choosing gifts that people will consume and not add to the waste pile, you will be making the right choices for the environment. Forget about items that are used once and never again. Examples of good presents are: 


  • Something consumable like chocolates, biscuits, wine and other edibles.
  • For those that have everything imaginable, make a contribution to a charity fund.
  • Help the recipient expand on a hobby. There are plenty of gifts in these categories that are sure to be used. It could be photographic, sewing, fitness or similar.
  • Support the locals by giving a gift voucher. This could be for a spa treatment, meal or simply for them to choose a gift you know that they will like. 
  • An orchid or decorative plant for the house always goes down well.
  • Then an online voucher which has a very wide range of choices is always welcomed.


Green Ways of Wrapping Gifts

It’s fun to find recycled or reusable materials as it shows you have taken extra effort in the wrapping of the gift you are giving.

  • This could be reusable shopping bags, a pretty tea towel, or a scarf, or any material that can be reused. Make the wrapping an integral part of the gift.
  • Keep gift wrap from previous years, in particular you, can recycle old Christmas cards as gift tags. 
  • When you buy wrapping paper make sure it is recycled or recyclable. You will know if it's recyclable if you crush it into a ball and it keeps its shape. 
  • Make it fun for the children by getting them to decorate recycled gift wrapping.


Decorate for a Green Christmas

  • What sort of tree is best? A natural, locally farmed Christmas tree which you can dispose of easily when the season is over.
  • Use garden foliage to add to your Christmas tree decorations.


Entertaining Guests without the Garbage

  • Tell guests you are waste wise, don’t use disposable plates, cups or cutlery. 
  • Make sure you generously give leftover food to your guests when they leave, it reduces waste.
  • Any leftovers should find their way into the compost bin. 
  • Then there will be plenty of plastic and glass to recycle. Put out bins for easy disposal by everyone. It will cut down on a lot of cleaning time.


Dealing with Christmas Waste

  • Your Christmas tree can be chipped and reduced to compost if it's natural, while plastic false trees can be put back in the box and stored for the following year.
  • Retain all your Christmas packaging and boxes as they will be available for reuse the following year.
  • If you have used coloured bins to sort out your household waste, the contents can be recycled by us at Rubbish Removal Chester. We can do the safe and responsible disposal of all your Christmas waste for you, when you need us to do so. 


Why Use Rubbish Removal Chester?

Rubbish Removal Chester is on standby over the festive season to deal with excess waste. We are ready to provide much needed waste removal services for this period when there is more waste than usual. Manage your waste this season and when you need it hauled away, give us a call. As a local junk hauler, we are available after hours or weekends, and if needed you can ask for a same day junk removal service. As a licensed waste removal company that enjoys an excellent waste management reputation in Chester and we dispose of your excess junk in a responsible manner, recycling at every opportunity. 

However, if you’d like to do it the hassle-free way, and not have to handle any of your Christmas junk, save yourself the trouble and call us.

Check out our customer reviews, we thank them for the recognition of our customer excellent service. 

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