household furniture piled up for waste removal and disposal
Bulky Household Waste Collection Services, Chester
November 22, 2020
waste disposal bins for plastic, glass, paper, and other waste rubbish removal chester
Being ‘Waste Wise’ – Chester
March 12, 2021
household furniture piled up for waste removal and disposal
Bulky Household Waste Collection Services, Chester
November 22, 2020
waste disposal bins for plastic, glass, paper, and other waste rubbish removal chester
Being ‘Waste Wise’ – Chester
March 12, 2021

Waste – Going Green, Chester

Have we ever taken the time to think about how we could change our actions, and user habits to go green for the benefit of our environment, and how this could benefit global movements?

The overwhelmingly large amounts of waste that is generated and its effect on the environment is staggering. It manifests itself in a phenomena like global warming and the huge buildup of plastic in our oceans. These have a serious effect on marine life and agriculture, where temperatures have increased, upsetting the balance of nature. 

As we become more aware of the dangers of waste, responsible citizens start to change their ways to help contribute to reducing the pressure on our environment. 

Changes don’t have to be huge either, and every small step helps reduce the burden on landfills, improves the quality of our air, and keeps our surroundings clean of junk.

We at Rubbish Removal Chester like to believe that it’s our responsibility to make our children aware of these dangers. As we show by example and explain the reasons why we are putting more sustainable methods of waste disposal into effect, our children will follow our example.

By making it fun, and explaining the ramifications of leaving waste lying around, children will understand how bad waste can be for animals, birds, and nature in general. 

We have looked at some programmes that could work practically for you:


Suggestion for Energy Saving

  • Change to LED lights in your house: they use less electricity and last longer
  • Switch geysers, and don’t be afraid to use a cold wash for your washing machine
  • Choose smart appliances when you upgrade your equipment
  • Remember to turn off lights when you leave a room
  • Turn of the plugs at the wall when not in use
  • Be aware that you can considerably reduce your electricity consumption of your heaters by lowering temperatures. The recommended range is 18-21 degrees C (64-70F) -per advice of The Energy Saving Trust. 
  • The use of natural light wherever possible will help reduce your energy usage, 
  • Use your washing dryer only when necessary, and rather try drying on a laundry line, to save energy.
  • Convert to solar where you can, even if the initial investment seems high, it will pay in the long run


Be Recycle Aware

  • Make your recycling exciting and easy by installing multi-coloured bins which depict the different recycling categories.
  • Be wise with the use of paper, using both sides of the sheet where possible.
  • Make a bin for composting of your food scraps
  • Start getting the kids interested in growing a small vegetable garden, or install a herb garden using your compost
  • Plastic shower gel containers and other plastic in your bathroom should be recycled
  • Remove food from plastic by rinsing before recycling 
  • Get down to your local recycling center and show the children what’s happening and why it’s important to recycle
  • By donating your throw away items, you are effectively giving them another life and not turning them into waste.


To Reduce Your Use of Plastic

  • Follow the trend to use reusable bags when going shopping and resist the easy way of buying a disposable bag
  • Single use water uses lots of plastic: try and avoid buying these and use reusable bottles.
  • This also applies to disposable coffee containers, where we are tempted to take the easy route 
  • If you are a mum, you will know the problems associated with the difficulties in degradation of disposable nappies. Try and mix your diaper ratios by including reusable cloth nappies when you can.
  • Avoid plastic wrap, and rather pack leftovers in reusable containers.


To Reduce the Use of Fossil Fuel

Battery powered vehicles have come into favour to reduce carbon emissions. Motor companies are striving to reduce their carbon emissions of petrol powered vehicles through clean energy programs.

You can contribute to reducing your carbon footprint by:

  • Walking the short distance to the shop instead of using your car.
  • Driving responsibly observing speed limits and thinking before you drive unnecessarily.
  • Keep it local. This will help boost your local economy and mean that you will do less running around in your car, helping to reduce carbon emissions. 
  • Buy from local farmers. This means that produce hasn’t been transported long distances, savings all the way.
  • Keep your car in tune, serviced regularly, so that carbon emissions are not excessive.

All these tips will help you on your way to leading a sustainable lifestyle. Every step you take goes toward making a difference to helping our environment form becoming more polluted.

As one of the leading companies that pick up junk in your community, we at Rubbish Removal Chester are always on standby to assist with your home junk removal. Our services include a furniture disposal service or any other of the junk pick up services you may require. These may be yard waste, construction debris removal or even a general service offered by normal garbage removal companies.

Our motto is to manage waste responsibly, and keep as much out of landfills as we can.


Why Choose Us?

Chester is one of the most beautiful cities in the UK. We are dedicated to keeping our city clean and keeping it in the pristine condition it is. This means that we encourage all efforts to look after the environment.

It starts with all of us, and it’s a joint responsibility to be shared by our community. We hope that we have inspired you to think about how you can help make a difference. 

When you are thinking of “going green” give us a call. We can help you achieve your goals. Start right there by being responsible with your waste. We are, and we are your partner in waste management in your community.

Rubbish Removal Chester will assist you to achieve your green goals. As a licensed waste removal company, we haul away junk in a responsible manner, recycling in whichever which way we can. Let us collect your waste at a time convenient to you even after hours and on weekends. We also offer a same day junk removal service.

Please contact us at 

Chester: 01244 953100