Your Personal Contribution to Prevent Climate Change – Chester

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March 26, 2021
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April 9, 2021
Online Returns Waste Chester
Online Returns Waste, Chester
March 26, 2021
House with solar panels arranged on roof with sunset capture imagery
Go Off Grid and Clean Up
April 9, 2021

Your Personal Contribution to Prevent Climate Change – Chester

While climate change slowly creeps up on us manifested by warming oceans and extreme weather conditions, it’s the actions of the growing human populations that are causing this. So, in effect, we are destroying our own environments and ultimately the world we live in. While this may seem like an extreme statement and probably won’t happen in our lifetime, the effect of climate change is being felt everywhere.

Maybe the new year is a good time for all of us to make a conscious decision to make our own individual contribution to help reduce the impact that our waste management activities have on climate change. Along with the other goals that we normally make, such as financial or fitness goals, let’s have a look at how we can reduce the amount of waste we generate, or at least deal with the disposal of our daily waste in a more responsible manner. 


What Contributions can we Make?

  • Businesses are expected to have annual waste management plans aimed at reducing the impact of waste on the environment.
  • As private individuals we should each start thinking about our waste habits.
  • All efforts to reduce or recycle paper, glass, aluminium and plastic, all of which impact the environment negatively.
  • Every effort should be made to assist local councils in their efforts to reduce the amount of waste going into landfills.
  • By helping deal more responsibly with waste, less pressure will be put on the environment and the use of our scarce raw materials.
  • The result will be to help reduce the amount of greenhouse gases going into the earth’s atmosphere. 


Setting your Waste Goals

  • Most of the waste generated by a household can be recycled. Get everyone involved and make it fun for the kids. 
  • Using different coloured bins is a start, and each colour can represent a different material such as plastic, glass, cardboard or aluminium.
  • Link up with your Chester Household Waste Recycling Centre as a place where you can regularly take your recycling to. 
  • Be creative with your organic household waste, as this type of waste is a typical generator of methane gas when it ends up in landfill. Organic household waste can be used for composting or for food in vermiculture. You can create your own worm farm at home in just a small space feeding your kitchen scraps to worms who in turn give you beneficial compost for your garden. 
  • Any action, whether its business or at home, that reduces methane gas is a help to our environment. Greenhouse gas emissions greatly contribute to global warming which ultimately leads to climate change. 
  • There are a lot of materials that are considered waste that can be reused. On average, one UK household will produce more than a ton of waste yearly, which, if one adds up the population, it's a huge amount. Any way of reducing this amount of waste by reusing and recycling helps reduce the pressure on our natural resources.
  • As a private waste removal company Rubbish Removal Chester has a lot more flexibility than normal council collections. We can collect any time, and anything. It's a necessity to include us in your plans.


Why Is Sustainable Waste Disposal So Important?

While human activity continues its normal way of life, waste is continually being generated. On the other hand, organizations like Greenpeace are actively promoting climate change awareness and encouraging people to change their ways and help do something about helping with the problem of climate change. Thanks to these kinds of organizations who work tirelessly on the issue at high levels with governments, we may succeed in helping to turn the tide. Hopefully, we will not leave a legacy of pollution for our children and their children to inherit.

Food waste in the UK alone amounts to over 7 million tons per year, and the sad thing about this figure is that most of it can be eaten instead of being thrown away. The most common reason for the food being thrown away is that it expires.. Upon degradation, methane is generated and released into the air. 

We are all feeling the effects of climate change, and unfortunately it is hitting the masses of poor people the most. Cyclones are sweeping away homes and destroying crops. Huge fires such as the ones in Australia, California and Russia spew massive clouds of smoke that can be seen from outer space, while floods in the UK and other countries have reached the highest levels in history. 

As ice begins to melt in the South and North poles caused by warmer weather conditions, water levels rise and the water in the sea is more acidic. Coupled with pollution, coral reefs like the Great Barrier Reef in Australia are being reduced to huge brown patches in the ocean as plant and animal life dies off. 

To scare you further, certain bird, animal and plant species are becoming endangered, and even extinct. 

To top this off, our food security is threatened too, causing more unnecessary hunger and misery in the world. 


Why Use Rubbish Removal Chester?

We hope you join the movement to help reduce climate change. By being informed about what climate change is and what causes it, we are sure you will be inspired to look at the disposal of your waste in a more sustainable way.

As you go about changing your waste management habits, you will be joining a growing band of responsible people doing likewise.

If you need waste removal services, save yourself the trouble and call us.

If you are not sure about Rubbish Removal Chester, we encourage you to look at our reviews, and you will see that we have a great reputation for customer service. We provide reliable and professional waste removal and disposal services, and we can haul away just about anything you need, after hours or on weekends if necessary. 

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