climate change prevention
Your Personal Contribution to Prevent Climate Change – Chester
April 2, 2021
Birds flying over garbage disposed of in a landfill
Waste Affecting Wildlife – Part 1, Birds
April 9, 2021
climate change prevention
Your Personal Contribution to Prevent Climate Change – Chester
April 2, 2021
Birds flying over garbage disposed of in a landfill
Waste Affecting Wildlife – Part 1, Birds
April 9, 2021

Call it eco-friendly, or call it off grid, it’s a new way of thinking for householders that would like to seriously reduce their environmental footprint. It’s also commonly called “going green'' and has a lot of benefits for those that want to live simple, reducing their electricity bills at the same time. 

Being off the grid often means living simple and using nature to help you generate power by means of solar energy. You are going to harness the power of the sun. Going off the grid though, entails a lot of planning and forethought before implementation.  

It requires you to look at your current appliances that use a lot of energy. You may have to change them to accommodate your new plan. Disposing of appliances has its own challenges, which we will deal with later. 

At Rubbish Removal Chester we embrace all initiatives that are designed to save the environment. Our own philosophy regarding waste disposal is to keep as much out of landfills and using eco-friendly ways to dispose of waste. 

When going off the grid, we encourage homeowners to clean up at the same time, ensuring their homes are free of unnecessary junk items that may cause clutter. 


Home Junk Removal in Your Area

There is no need to be stressed out when faced with a mounting junk problem. We do home junk removal in your area. All you need to do is pick up the phone and get us there as soon as you need us. Our service is unrivaled in your area, so don’t waste time worrying about your junk, just let us haul away anything from yard waste to an apartment cleanout service, and help you with that junk clean out at a date and time that suits you. 

Our junk removal prices are the keenest you’ll find. And on top of that you will be astonished by our high service levels.

Rubbish Removal Chester is right there on top of the list when it comes to garbage removal companies doing local junk removal right here in the Chester area. 


Same day Junk Removal

When the need arises to do a home cleanout, for whatever reason, you can ask us to do a same day rubbish removal, a service that we have provided for many years. It is a service offered to haul away junk when it is urgently needed, or perhaps it’s in your way. 

Same day junk removal helped a client recently when a storm caused havoc in the client’s garden and a pile of branches was blocking the driveway. We sprung into action, and by doing the tree waste removal, we were able to assist that same day with a complete garden debris removal for the client. 

Our aim is to have the flexibility needed to be able to collect rubbish at a time stipulated by you, when the service is needed. We know that our clients have work to do, run into deadlines, and often require after hour service. Therefore, we at Rubbish Removal Chester offer out-of-hours service when a local junk removal is needed. 


We Love Collecting Junk

So, here’s the thing. When you must wait for your local council collection day, and have to separate your junk yourself, then carrying it to the curbside is probably something you don’t like doing. We know that. This is why our service is instant, and we collect all kinds of junk. No need to separate them. Just point out what you need lifted, and consider it done as soon as we get there. Our staff members will efficiently whisk it away on our truck and dispose of everything responsibly. 

It doesn’t matter what it is, whether furniture junk removal, mattress removal, in fact any bulky item removal like a hot tub removal, or even a garden shed removal: we can do it.

Rubbish Removal Chester will send their very capable staff with the correct equipment for the job, and with a truck big enough to take the complete load off your premises.


What Do You Need to Attend To? 

So, back to going off the grid. Now we have given you the solution to clearing up your home in advance of the big change. Four big electricity users in the house are your geyser, aircon, stove, and lights. Let’s have a look at what you should do about them. 


Using Gas

Also called a water heater, the geyser consumes constant energy to stay hot. Even when using the hot water in the geyser, it must first be filled with cold water which needs heating. If you use solar for your geyser you are in the hands of the presence of the sun, and if it’s a cold, miserable day, then you are in for a cold shower, and that’s not ideal. 

A good option is an inline gas device which when placed near to a tap or shower head, gives instant hot water only when needed. This could be your most suitable option when you are looking to go off the grid. 

While considering gas, it is also a good way to heat up the house instead of electricity. It’s far cheaper and can be done by piping into a system through the house. The same applies to your stove and oven, which although are not huge electricity users, can also be conveniently piped into the gas system. While you may have to dispose of your current model, it will save you money in the long run. 

Lastly, the lights in your house should all be converted to LED. By doing so you will have considerable savings on electricity, even though by comparison to the other appliances, lights are not big electricity users. However, you can replace a 100-watt incandescent bulb with a 12-watt LED bulb, and it does the same job. 


Cleaning Up in Preparation

When you are looking to convert your appliances and change your way of living, you will be becoming part of an increasingly large group of responsible people doing so as well. As you start this process give us a call before you clean up. 

Check out our credentials. Rubbish Removal Chester has excellent reviews and a good reputation of top-class customer service. Our reliable and responsible waste removal and disposal services offered are designed to make it easy for you, our valued customer. 

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