Why Stay Local with Waste Removal – Chester

Man moving out bulky furniture for replacement or disposal, or recycling
Bulky Trash Removal, Chester
August 16, 2020
recycling with kids
Recycling with Kids, Chester
September 27, 2020
Man moving out bulky furniture for replacement or disposal, or recycling
Bulky Trash Removal, Chester
August 16, 2020
recycling with kids
Recycling with Kids, Chester
September 27, 2020

Why Stay Local with Waste Removal – Chester

Why Use Your Local Junk Removal Company?

Going local for repairs and maintenance is what we all do. When you need a plumber or electrician, we always get a referral from others and end up having a long, sound working relationship with them. 

The same should go with rubbish, household, or office removal service providers. Private companies like us at Rubbish Removal Chester are locally based, reliable and experienced in handling the segregation, collection, treatment, disposal, and recycling of all your unwanted rubbish. 

Aside from being convenient, hiring us is also cost-effective, timesaving, and environment-friendly. We are on your doorstep, and can come at short notice, even the same day. 

It makes sense to develop a sound relationship with a Chester-based removal service provider like us, don’t you think?


Planning a Residential Removal

There will come a time when you will need a reliable removal partner when you decide to move to a new house. Most people find moving a difficult experience, involving a lot of hard work, and worry. The fact that utilities must be changed, telephones and online connections done, the family also goes through an upheaval at this time. 

However, with some good planning and support from your removal company this can be a whole lot less stressful. Choosing a local, residential removal company like Rubbish Removal Chester will be a wise move.

While sometimes you are required to move at short notice, most people who sell their house or have in mind to pack up and move to a new place have some time to get prepared. We will explain why this pre-preparation time is most important and should be used as constructively as possible. 

Let’s look at parts of the house that are normally the most cluttered and discuss how and why they should be tackled first.


Ridding the house of junk: Dark places where junk accumulates 

The Attic Cleanout

If your house has an attic the chances are that it's full of stuff you either don’t need or use irregularly. Most homeowners only go into the attic when there is a problem. However, it is a useful place to store unwanted goods. Access to an attic is also a problem, and what normally happens is that it could become a place for vermin, bats or even mould to develop if there is a leak in the roof. 

So, starting at the top is a good idea. Chances are that you will have to wear a mask for the dust and a torch to look around. Carefully accessing an attic because ladders or disused steps can be dangerous.

Procedures for clearing the attic will be the same as for the basement, so we will describe the processes for an attic cleanout and a basement cleanout. 

The Basement Cleanout

Like the attic, the basement is also a place of storage for things that are used infrequently. However, access is easier, and it can be used for storage of large items such as old furniture, antiques, and old books. 

The likelihood of it being dusty and dirty is good, because it’s not a place that one goes into regularly. 

Realistically, both attic and basement probably have the most junk you don’t really need, or, let’s face it, you would be using them. We at Rubbish Removal Chester have often done a house removal and found that in most cases, what is in attics and basements is mostly just junk.

We often ask homeowners the question: “do you really need it?” and question “why should it go with the new house?” Often the answer is “no” and we do a separate junk removal before the real move. 


Let’s Do the Cleanout!

By tackling the attic and the basement together you are ensuring that the difficult part of the house is clean, and we recommend that you leave both completely empty once you have cleaned them. 

  • Identify items of value, pack them into marked boxes and store them in the house.
  • Work in a logical fashion starting at the back of the attic or basement, working forward towards the exit.
  • Start by removing the biggest items to give yourself space to move.
  • Be ruthless even if you are a self-confessed hoarder, and don’t hesitate or keep things because there may be a chance you will “need them one day”.
  • Separate everything into categories: throw out, recycling, or keeping.
  • Repack the items you want to keep into boxes, label the boxes, and leave the space empty.
  • Clean thoroughly. Look in the attic for any leaks, or evidence of vermin, and take appropriate actions.

 We will remove the junk and recycle as much as we can. Thrift shops receive old books and magazines,, and small appliances, which we will easily recycle. We also recycle the larger items in the normal manner.


How to check out your Junk Removal Company

We’d like to caution you about small operators who come and go. While we are recommending that you support ‘locals’, as it’s the right thing to do, sometimes one-man-shows spring up, and could be inexperienced with handing your junk or possessions. 

Not only could they be fly-tippers who may dump your junk irresponsibly, but they could also lack the correct skills and equipment to handle your goods. 

It’s pretty easy to check this out, particularly if they have been referred by others. Reviews posted on their website will give you an idea of their service levels, and a local license to carry and dispose of junk is essential.

Those happy customers that have dealt with us at Rubbish Removal Chester will tell you that the customer comes first. Our customers are our business, and we treat them like gold. Our word is our promise, and we are proud of our fine reputation. Our efficient, friendly staff are standing by to assist you with your cleanout or moving requirements. When we leave, we ensure that your home is clean and tidy. We practice the important safety routines that are required nowadays.

Please take time to read our reviews.


Call us at our Chester number 01244 953100 for a no-obligation quote,

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