Hoarded items stock piled in a kitchen for removal and donation
Hoarder Rubbish Removal, Chester
August 12, 2020
local waste removal company chester
Why Stay Local with Waste Removal – Chester
September 27, 2020
Hoarded items stock piled in a kitchen for removal and donation
Hoarder Rubbish Removal, Chester
August 12, 2020
local waste removal company chester
Why Stay Local with Waste Removal – Chester
September 27, 2020

Disposing Bulky Materials

Today we look at very bulky items which at some time in their lives need to be removed from households. They may either have reached the end of their lives, or you may have sold them. In most instances, bulky items take up a lot of space, are heavy or awkward, and always difficult to remove from the property. In addition, there is always the question of what to do with them when they are no longer needed.

We at Rubbish Removal Chester have assisted many residents in Chester and surrounding areas with the onerous task of disposing of bulky materials by doing a bulk trash removal for them. We will investigate the difficulties associated with three of the bulkiest items namely:

  • Piano Removal 
  • Hot tub Removal 
  • Couch Removal

All of which we have seen are a real challenge to remove and dispose of. These are often the bulkiest items in the house that need removal. Here are some tips from the guys that know.


Piano Disposal Challenges

There are a lot of difficulties associated with moving a piano. A piano can weigh up to half a ton, and together with the width of the likes of a grand piano, or height of a standup piano, either will present several challenges when having to move them.

  • Should you decide to move a piano yourself, you could easily hurt your back, damage, scratch doors or even floors while doing so. Given that pianos generally are expensive, this will be unwise, as you will end up damaging the piano as well.
  • Piano owners become extremely attached to their pianos, and the mere act of removing it is depressing and emotional for them. We know this as a professional bulk removal company and can save owners all the sentimental trauma they will go through. 
  • Best is to use a professional who has done many piano removals. They will be equipped to handle the piano, are likely to use skids to move the equipment, and have the correct vehicle to haul it away. 
  • The design of a piano is such that the weight distribution is uneven, with some parts heavier than others. Unless you understand how to securely tie your piano down on a vehicle, there could be a dangerous shift during transportation. This could cause an accident, hurt others and yourself.

A piano is a cumbersome musical instrument. For this reason, to move it, the best option would be to hire Rubbish Removal Chester for a completely trouble-free piano disposal.


Hot Tub Removal Guidelines

Hot tubs are great to relax in. But over time they get worn and difficult to maintain. When you are thinking of removing your hot tub, look first at the difficulty of getting it out of its position, carrying it out of the house or garden, putting it on a vehicle, and then?? 

Next is to work out what to do with it. It is a back-breaking, and stressful event. Not only is it cumbersome and difficult to carry, getting it out of its position is challenging. 

We think that at this point you should just leave it to the professionals. 

The hot tub removal cost is minimal compared to all the trouble you will be getting yourself into. Believe us, Rubbish Removal Chester is your best option. We provide hauling services for hot tubs right here in Chester and surrounding areas, and our specialist team of hot tub experts will dispose of your old hot tub in the wink of an eye. 


How to Dismantle your Hot Tub

Perhaps you are preparing the area for a new hot tub or would like to use the space for something else. When this happens, there is something you can do to prepare for the hot tub removal that will save you time and money. 

The dismantling of the hot tub is a DIY job that can be done before we arrive. Drain the water to start and disconnect the pipes. Use a garden hose to channel the water to where it can drain away, by connecting it to the outlet.

Next, switch off the circuit breaker, and the heating switch of the hot tub. Simple as that! 

Now it’s ready for your hot tub removal crew to haul it away. Our friendly team has all the correct equipment and experience to be able to remove your hot tub and load it on to our vehicle. 

So, don’t be put off by the bulky size and position of your hot tub, we are experts at hot tub removal.


Couch Removal Considerations

Right! The last item we want to discuss is that old comfy couch you are thinking of replacing, but the bulky nature and size often puts you off when you are wanting to get rid of it. Don’t worry. The couch removal crew of Rubbish Removal Chester can do the job for you.

In case you were wondering, we do all these types of couches:

  • Large couch removal
  • Small couch removal
  • Antique couch removal
  • Old and broken couch removal
  • Leather couch removal
  • Material couch removal

We remove your unwanted couch quickly and easily. Our team of strong staff will simply pick it up, and carefully remove it, load, and recycle the couch. We are committed to responsible practices when it comes to home cleanouts, and our hauling services aren’t simply about removing and dumping; we ensure that no couch reaches the landfill but is recycled responsibly.


Why Choose Us?

If you need bulky item removal in the Chester area, you may decide to make use of a junk removal service. At Rubbish Removal Chester our professionally trained team are standing by to offer you the best possible service at competitive prices. 

We value all our customers and have gained an excellent reputation for customer service. We provide reliable and professional bulk trash disposal services when you do your house cleanup, so please call us first anytime you need bulk trash clearance services, and we will come out and give you the service you expect from a top company. We work after hours and over weekends, and even offer a same day junk removal service. 

Please contact us today for a free, No Obligation quote for your cleanup: 

Chester 01244 953100

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