Rubbish Removal & the Effect on the Environment

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July 11, 2021
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Getting Your Garden into Shape
July 31, 2021
Dos & Donts - Garden Waste Removal Chester
Do’s & Don’ts of Garden Waste
July 11, 2021
Getting Your Garden into Shape Chester Garden Waste Removal
Getting Your Garden into Shape
July 31, 2021

Rubbish Removal & the Effect on the Environment

While we hate to admit it, its only us humans that are messing up our environment. This is because many of the rubbish removal methods are irresponsible and not well thought out. We simply go on trashing the environment in horrible ways. 

Used plastic is found in the most remote places on earth, polluted substances and toxins remain in the soil and water for years, killing plants and animals that live there, and our clean air fills up with particles of dirt that can make us sick. 

The figures will shock you when we reveal how much waste is generated by each and every one of us. And the bad news is that as populations grow, so more waste is generated. Let’s try and get our midst around the amount of waste we make. Each person makes 1.5 kg of waste per year. Multiply that by 7.9 billion people, that’s nearly 12 billion kilograms each year.  

Now imagine having to load this on the biggest truck on the road, a 30-ton rig. Well, the number of trucks needed will be 400 million of these trucks that will be full of waste!

Where on earth does this waste go to? Chances are that a lot of it ends up damaging our environment because of the sheer volume of rubbish that needs to be removed.

As leading rubbish removal experts, Rubbish Removal Chester, based right here in your community has the prime responsibly of participating in the rubbish removal chain to ensure that the environment is minimally impacted by the disposal of rubbish in the area in which it operates. 

What Damage Does Waste Cause?

Often, we are only to pleased to be able to pop our rubbish removal items into bin and let the Council do the rest. We may even be tempted to get a passing man and van operator to do a rubbish removal for us. Consequently, we don’t worry about the rest, including the end destination of the rubbish removal, or the consequences of it being disposed of illegally or into the landfill. 

We investigated some of the main areas where the environment is compromised due to indiscriminate rubbish removal disposal methods:

Pollution of our Waterways

By polluting water, we are making it unsafe for use. The effect on the wildlife living in water is detrimental as a result of increased levels of toxicity in the water. It adds an extra burden on authorities entrusted with the responsibility of having to maintain water quality, an addition cost all round. 

Pollution of our Soil

Similarly, the dispersal of rubbish into our soil causes a great deal of damage too. The challenge is that many of the substances contained in modern gadgets and appliances take forever to break down, effectively rendering the soil useless for long periods of time. 

The toxins also leech for great distances as water and wind take the offending substances great distances across the land. This in turn effects the food humans, birds and animals eat. Landfills, although necessary also take a long time to rehabilitate. 

Pollution of Our Air

Our modern-day industries strive to make the most out the raw materials we are blessed with. But the bad news is that their factories still spew out massive amounts of pollution into air in the process. 

This emphasizes the need for industry to comply with the laws and treatment process that are stipulated for the commercial sector. 

Harm to Our Animals

There are many ways that human waste harms animal and bird life. Not only do our habits encroach on their terrain, but so does the spreading of waste pose a danger to the way they live. A few examples are the way-out oceans are polluted. Its not only the indigestible pieces of plastic that fish and birds mistake for food, but floating cigarette butts, Styrofoam, and all the accessories used in the fishing industry that end up in sea waters are all harmful.  

The toxins that get into the food, either of animal or plant origin that sea living creatures eat do irreparable harm to sea life. 

Degrading our communities.

No-one wants to live in a community that is dirty and full of trash. This responsibility mostly starts with the local Council and their approach to recycling and responsible rubbish removal methodology. We are Rubbish Removal Chester recognize the important role we must play in keeping Chester and surrounds clean. 

After all, we value the beauty and value of our community, and we aim to keep it that way.  

This is where initiatives like recycling and the establishment of recycling centres is particularly important, as they contribute hugely to the success of responsible rubbish removal. 

Hurting Ourselves

In the process, we are doing immeasurable harm to ourselves. Not only does the ingestion of harmful substances like toxins from our gadgets and household materials hold the chance of getting cancer or serious illnesses, we also are polluting the soil and water we use on a daily basis. 

At the same time, we are endangering the lives of others, including our innocent children. 

Climate Change

The big measuring stick is the gradual change in weather patterns caused by the phenomenon called climate change. Emissions from human activities are what causes this to happen, and the signs for the future are ominous. 

Helping with Responsible Waste Removal 

Being a fully licensed rubbish removal company, our company has the ethics required to ensure that rubbish removals are done correctly in your area. This means that disposal methods should have the minimum effect on our environment. 

Our aim is to keep Chester beautiful, property values up there, and to ensure that all areas are free of any illegal fly tipping activities. We therefore encourage the residents and businesses in the area too do the right thing. Be responsible with your rubbish removal, help us all to live in a clean, healthy environment. 

Give us a call when you need rubbish removal done. Our prices are very affordable, and our rubbish disposal services are carried out professionally. 

Let’s keep Chester clean together!

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