Do’s & Don’ts of Garden Waste

Chester Waste Clearance and Our Environment
Waste Clearance and Our Environment
July 5, 2021
Chester Rubbish Removal & the Effect on the Environment
Rubbish Removal & the Effect on the Environment
July 21, 2021
Chester Waste Clearance and Our Environment
Waste Clearance and Our Environment
July 5, 2021
Chester Rubbish Removal & the Effect on the Environment
Rubbish Removal & the Effect on the Environment
July 21, 2021

Ever thought that garden waste could be useful? And more than that, it probably never crossed your mind that garden waste could be a fun pastime, converting it into something useful? Well, it just takes some effort and creative thought, and you could find yourself not having to throw away much of your garden waste at all. 

On the other end of the scale, there are those gardeners who like to see flickering flames and smoke and take the easy route with garden waste by burning their garden waste. While this is legal, it is important to know what the consequences of doing so are, and what the alternatives to dealing with garden waste could be.

At Rubbish Removal Chester we like to encourage the residents in our area to be waste wise when it comes to dealing with the efficient reduction of garden waste in their homes. When we collect garden waste, we would like to see the efforts that have gone into dealing with most grass clippings, leaves, hedge cuttings, weeds, dead flowers, and prunings from the garden.

Even though these items can be freely included in the brown waste bin normally provided by the Council, as we will see most of these are beneficial to your garden when used in an eco-friendly or user-friendly way by homeowners. 

Getting Garden Waste Ready for Use

Some of the best ways to prepare garden waste for beneficial use involve a little extra energy and work when the waste is generated. This means that as much time should be spent generating the garden waste like the cutting, pruning, or mowing compared to the time spent turning it into something useful. Let’s look at what could be done.


This is a way of breaking down the twigs and branches into a more manageable format. Shredding by means of a chipper breaks the vegetative mass mechanically. The size chipper you will need depends on the amount of undergrowth that needs to be reduced. 

This is also a useful way to make burning more manageable as the reduction allows you to have control of what you burn, rather than having to deal with large branches at a time. 

Grass cycling

Mower manufacturers are encouraging grass recycling by adding an attachment to the back of a lawnmower that helps compact the cut grass in the form of a mulch which can be distributed into the lawn as you mow. This is particularly useful in winter months when the lawn tends to dry out. The mulch helps retain moisture in your lawn, as well as providing beneficial nutrients to the soil. 

Grass Boarding

Another good use for grass is using a process called grass boarding.  By adding cardboard to grass clippings, you are also using your excess cardboard you have lying around the house. Simply layer the cardboard horizontally with the grass clippings sandwiched in between. 

This is a good way of dealing with vast amounts of grass clippings. Although you can do this in the open, it’ll look tidier if you hold the pile in a constructed wooden frame. 

The cardboard you use will break down over time and add useful body to your compost. You can also use old paper towel or newspaper. 

Use this compost for your pots or spread through the garden. Try not to include weeds from the mowing activities, as they will come up in your garden again. 

Organic kitchen waste

It’s worth reminding ourselves that all organic food materials or kitchen waste is beneficial when treated correctly. Simply make a trench that is 2 ft deep and layer your food waste in the trench covering it each time with a thin layer of sand to keep the pests away. Add some water to assist decomposition. 

It will take a few months to be ready, and while it decomposes, cover the trench with mulching materials like a layer of leaves. 

Try reusing your old ground coffee rather than throwing it away. It has rich nutrients that will boost the life of your pot plants or lawn. Dry the old coffee and sprinkle lightly where it’s required. 

Burning Garden Waste

Even though it is legal, it’s a process that bothers others and is not great for the environment. The benefit is that your garden waste is reduced to ash in the end, but getting there is full of obstacles:

  • You are polluting the air.
  • You are making it uncomfortable for others.
  • You are creating a potential fire hazard if things get out of control.
  • Burning is bad for others with ailments like asthma or weak chests.
  • You may burn something toxic or dangerous and cause an accident.
  • Smoke from your burn could go across a road and pose danger to the visibility of motorists.

If you are going to burn your garden waste, let your neighbours know in advance. Do it when they are out, and although the law doesn’t prevent you from burning at any particular time, do it when there is little wind. A good time could be early in the morning or later in the afternoon.  

By being aware of how burning garden waste can affect others may influence your decision about using this means to dispose of your garden waste. 

We hope the advice helps. 

Final Thoughts 

When you have garden waste to dispose of, don’t think that it should all be binned. There are numerous creative ways to deal with garden waste. All organic or plant waste can be treated in such a way to make it beneficial for your garden. If you don’t have the time to do this and simply need it collected, you can fit into the cycle of the Council, or if you need a service that’s immediate give Rubbish Removal Chester a call. 

We do garden waste removal the hassle-free way. We save you time and trouble by collecting your garden waste at a time convenient to you. Weekends or after hours, we are at your service.

This is how we have created the good reputation we have for customer service. If you need confirmation of this, please look at our reviews on our website. We provide reliable and professional garden waste removal and dispose of the garden waste in the correct way. 

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