Responsible Recycling of Metals, Chester

home with white paint, and wooden double door at entrance
Estate Cleanout, Chester
July 24, 2020
Hoarded items stock piled in a kitchen for removal and donation
Hoarder Rubbish Removal, Chester
August 12, 2020
home with white paint, and wooden double door at entrance
Estate Cleanout, Chester
July 24, 2020
Hoarded items stock piled in a kitchen for removal and donation
Hoarder Rubbish Removal, Chester
August 12, 2020

Responsible Recycling of Metals, Chester 

As we look around our homes and offices, it’s apparent that most of the objects and appliances we use are made of either plastic or metal. Have you thought about what is the best way to dispose of these appliances, electronic equipment, tools, and even your old vehicle if you have to?

It's not a simple matter of calling a scrap metal hauler and leaving it up to the scrap guys to get rid of your problem. At Rubbish Removal Chester, as a local junk removal company based right here in Chester and surrounding areas, we are completely committed to the recycling of metals when they are to be disposed of.


What kinds of metal are we talking about? 

Steel is the most common metal, followed by copper, aluminium, silver, and gold. The advantage of recycling metals is the fact that they can be recycled, and that they retain their characteristics when this happens.

To help you recycle your unwanted metal, it's important to highlight a few facts.


Some Interesting Facts About Waste Metal Disposal

Before considering scrap removal, here are some thoughts to be given to the way to get the best out of metal recycling.  

  • As much as forty percent of steel is manufactured around the world using recycled steel.
  • The process of recycling iron and steel are made easy because of their magnetic properties. This facilitates a user-friendly way to separate them from other waste.
  • Over 70% of aluminium is recycled, and most food cans made of aluminium contain recycled materials. 
  • Other metals such as gold, silver and copper have high values, are less likely to be thrown away, and are always likely to be recycled.

Metal Recycling Challenges

  • Even though metal may be easy to isolate from other rubbish, less than 30% of all metal is recycled, presenting an opportunity for improvement.
  • More complex products containing metal have alloys or mixtures of various types, which are not easy to separate from each other.
  • Metal junk removal and disposal will not always be done responsibly because of the inclusion of the complicated technology used, including microchips and advanced electronics.


Which Appliances contain Metal?

Most of the appliances used at home and in business are made of metal. 

  • Air conditioners and fans
  • TV sets
  • Kitchen appliances like dishwashers, washing machines and dryers, freezers and refrigerators, stoves, ovens, and microwaves
  • Generators, heaters, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers

At the office we would include the following: mobile phones, personal computers, photocopiers, printers, scanners, laptops. 

We suggest that before calling an appliance removal service, or before doing an air conditioner disposal, you should find out how the rubbish removal service will dispose of the old appliances.


Disposing of Scrap Metal

Scrap Removal

Most often, Rubbish Removal Chester is called to collect a pile of metals, or mixed metals with other junk for disposal. These metal pieces are often in different forms, coming from broken down assemblies, household appliances and equipment, and commercial office equipment that has been discarded. 

We will do an initial sorting before delivering to recycling centers for further sorting and processing.

  • Sorting

Scrap metals have different values, and by sorting them from each other, the different categories can be individually weighed and a price established. Also, there is a difference in value between ferrous (steel, iron, and cast iron), and non-ferrous metals such as aluminium.

The simplest way to separate these metals is by using a magnet, as doing this by hand is often dangerous and cumbersome.


  • Breaking down into smaller pieces.

The recycling center will have equipment that can break the large metal pieces down into smaller, more workable pieces through a shredding mechanism. This will assist with the melting process, making it quicker and easier, and using less energy.


  • Melting

Melting is the process of changing the format of the metal from a solid to a liquid state, and it is done in a furnace. Melting furnaces can melt soft metals like aluminium, gold, silver, copper, lead, brass, or bronze alloy easily, and the process is relatively quick. Other metals which are harder take longer.

Depending on how well shredded the scrap metals are, will depend on how much energy is needed to melt them, but it’s a lot less than the amount needed for manufacturing using new, raw materials. So, there is a distinct advantage in using recycled metals in the production of metal products.


  • Solidifying

Once melted, the liquid form can be moulded into new products, and solidified by a cooling process. This means the metal will have gone through a complete cycle of processing. But not all companies that pick up junk are committed to doing this, and we at Rubbish Removal Chester are at the forefront of ensuring that metal does not unnecessarily end up in the landfill, and pollute our clean environment.


Recycling of E-waste

These days, as more modern products are continually launched, there is more electronic waste being generated. Although we have mentioned some appliances earlier, the broader definition of electronic waste is everything that uses electricity.

Many of these e-waste items can contain harmful substances, like mercury, cadmium or lead, and gases which are toxic to humans and nature. Besides the health aspect, the pollution of the soil and the sea is also under threat from these elements. 

So, we are seeing that because many people are not aware of this, it's important to advise on how to responsibly dispose of e-waste, as it is becoming a much bigger waste category than ever before.


Why Choose Us?

At Rubbish Removal Chester, our good reputation for customer service and commitment to responsible waste disposal are the pillars of our business. As the best in junk haulage and recycling, we suggest that you consider us first when you need metal clearance services. We arrive promptly with the correct equipment to safely remove any metals that need disposal. We also offer same day junk removal if you require this. 

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