building waste piled in buckets for dumping and removal
Construction Debris Removal, Chester
July 21, 2020
metal objects stocked at container sides for removal and disposal or recycling for reuse
Responsible Recycling of Metals, Chester
August 10, 2020
building waste piled in buckets for dumping and removal
Construction Debris Removal, Chester
July 21, 2020
metal objects stocked at container sides for removal and disposal or recycling for reuse
Responsible Recycling of Metals, Chester
August 10, 2020

Estate Cleanout, Chester

There comes a time in life when you will be faced with the loss of a loved one, and it will result in a period of grief and mourning. At this time, it won’t be easy for the family, and where the deceased person has left behind possessions, someone will have to deal with the difficult task of dealing with the estate cleanout.

The person assigned the legal authority to deal with the affairs of the deceased has the responsibility of dealing with the estate of the deceased. This will include the gathering of assets, paying liabilities, and sharing the estate to the beneficiaries who are entitled to receive them. Other unwanted assets may be sold or donated.

At this time, when faced with this task, it would be prudent to contact us at Rubbish Removal Chester, who are ready to give the support that is needed.


How do we do a deceased's estate rubbish removal?

Wherever you may be in the Chester area, Rubbish Removal Chester provides a cleanup and removal service for deceased estates. Our trained crew will arrive with a large truck and remove all the belongings that have not been claimed by the beneficiaries. You can be assured that our competent crew will save you the stress and bother by doing an efficient, deceased estate removal.

Simply arrange with us on a suitable date and time, and we will be there on time to provide you with the support you need to attend to this, sometimes emotionally unpleasant task. Our vehicles can load all types of junk or items of waste that need removal.


  • Valuables and Personal Belongings

We are a local company serving Chester and surrounding communities. Any loss within the community affects us too, and our staff are sensitive to our customers’ feelings when this happens. We give you the understanding and sympathy when this happens. It's difficult too, to go through the personal belongings of the deceased and must pack up an empty house.

We firstly help you identify the important belongings that have sentimental attachments of value. With you, we help you store them in a safe place. Our trained staff will help you separate the household goods that are to be divided up amongst the family, and what you would like to dispose of.

Starting with appliances, books, clothes, and kitchen equipment, these small items can be donated to charity or given away by donating them to worthy causes. This will involve going through all the cupboards in the rooms in the house and the garage.

  • Large Items in an Estate Cleanout

A house that’s been lived in for a long time normally has a lot of furniture and appliances that have served the deceased well over. When these items age, they are normally showing signs of wear and tear, but probably in good working order. This means that we at Rubbish Removal Chester, as a company committed to recycling, can help you. Where possible we can direct you to reliable sellers of second hand, who will help you get some money back for these items. We remove and dispose and ensure that you get a good deal. 

  • Clean up of waste at the end

We also undertake to assist with the clean up afterwards as we know that this is not a task that you would like to do at the end. We offer this service as we believe in leaving the place clean and tidy.


Why do the Clearing of Deceased’s Estates early?


  • To guard against vandalism or theft

At this time, the property and its contents are vulnerable to unscrupulous people who may take advantage of the empty property or break in and steal valuables. Others may take items when being shown the house, or claiming to sympathize with you but be aware, not everyone has good motives. This said, it's an idea to try and get this cleanout done as soon as you can to prevent this from happening.


  • Limit the emotional anxiety

Remembering that this is an emotional time, it could be that you suffer from depression or stress ahead of the cleanout of the deceased’s estate. Try and avoid this by delegating as much of the dirty work to your estate cleanout service, like us. While we are caring about your state, we also know how to get the job done quickly and efficiently.


  • To locate persons with interest in the deceased’s estate

We suggest that you find and invite all those who have a claim to the estate to identify and keep the items early on so that you know what is left over. This will give you plenty of time to sort out the balance of goods, some of which you will realize the value, others to be donated, and those for throwing out. By sorting the Will out, and knowing the property value, decisions can be made whether to rent it out or sell it.


  • Safeguard important items

By getting to the cleanout quickly you can save all items of value and unearth other items of interest. These could be photographs, jewelry, or electronic equipment of value.


  • Take an inventory for advertising for sale

Instead of selling in a hurry and perhaps taking the early offers, by making an inventory early on, there will be an opportunity to wait it out for the best offer. At the same time don’t let the goods in the property have time to deteriorate through lack of care or infestation by rodents. 


Clearing out the deceased’s estate is a difficult task to be performed, on top of the other duties the person with the legal authority must perform. Not only are you likely to be in an emotional state, but cleaning the property of a deceased person is not a pleasant task. Therefore, it's far easier to hire the professionals to do it for you.

That is why at Rubbish Removal Chester, we are committed to performing professional estate clearance in a respectful manner. 

Working quickly and efficiently, we ensure an early and smooth transition of clearing your deceased estate in Chester and surrounding areas.

Please call us at 01244 953100 or a free no obligation quote. We look forward to hearing from you.

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