Proper Disposal of Household Waste

House Clearance Chester Rubbish Removal
House Clearance – Rubbish Removal Chester
April 24, 2021
Being Properly Equipped for Refuse Collection
Being Properly Equipped for Refuse Collection
May 10, 2021
House Clearance Chester Rubbish Removal
House Clearance – Rubbish Removal Chester
April 24, 2021
Being Properly Equipped for Refuse Collection
Being Properly Equipped for Refuse Collection
May 10, 2021

We tend to think of household waste as what goes into the bin for collection by the Council each week. It’s a regular cycle that we get so used to in our lives. But how often are we faced with extraordinary items that we don’t know what to do with?

There may be an old tyre, or a piece of asbestos or a can of chemicals that you’ve had around a while, and now needs to be disposed of. In this article we will see how to best dispose of household waste and what to do with difficult materials that are not accepted for recycling or collection by normal channels. 

Responsible households that manage their waste properly are normally the cleanest, and homeowners are likely to have a good knowledge of the waste channels available to them. 

We are Rubbish Removal Chester play an integral part in the management of waste in your area. In our business the anchor philosophy is to do what is right for the environment. With your help we can achieve waste reduction goals and start to minimize the negative impact waste has on it. 

Steps in Disposal of Household Waste

There are a few important steps involved in the proper disposal of household waste, starting right there in the home.


Bins of different colours are supplied in order for you to place a specific kind of waste in them so that they can be either discarded correctly or recycled. In effect the circular waste cycle starts in the home. This is where most of the effort takes place.

Those in the home that use the bins are required to be knowledgeable about the consequences of not doing this properly, as putting the wrong waste in the wrong bin is tantamount to not doing the waste separation at all. By this we mean that its just as harmful if its not done correctly. 

The objective of efficient waste management is to separate waste as accurately as possible into their various categories so that the waste can be treated accordingly. This treatment could be in the form of waste recovery or recycling. 

Imagine the impact of putting glass into the bin with plastic. This in no way will help waste management recovery efforts. 

Unfortunately, there are those that assume that it’s someone’s duty to sort the waste down the line. This is not the case as the buck should stop right there in the home. 

Preventing Contamination 

Imagine when plastic containers meant for recycling are full of leftover food. The consequence is that the whole bin can become contaminated with smelly, rotting food, making the plastic unsuitable for recycling. Besides attracting pests, the unhealthy situation caused by these actions simply negate all the good intentions of practicing good household waste practices. 

The same applies to toxic substances or hazardous materials which require separate treatment. This could include chemicals or the asbestos we spoke about. It’s vital to put these aside and have them disposed of in the correct manner. 

Homeowners are surprised to learn how much household waste can still be used, even in another form. Let’s find out more. 

Finding another Use for Household Waste

Sometimes its easier to throw something out than looking for creative use for an unwanted item. As part of your efforts to implement a proper household waste management system at home, there are ways to reuse throw-outs than often realized. 

However, you don’t want the rubbish piling up while you wait to reuse it because your space will become cluttered while you drum up the energy you need to convert the waste into another form that will be useful to you in the home. 

Here are several ideas to consider: 

  • Plastic and glass

Plastic bags are the curse of the landfill. While you may be reducing your use when you go grocery shopping, those that you have can be used to wrap your food or store rubbish for further action. 

Plastic containers need a good wash before being deployed for reuse. They are good for storing liquids when you buy disposable replacements for the original item. 

Glass can be used for ornamental purposes or for secure storage of stews, fruit, or liquid products. Of course, glass is fully recyclable or reusable, which is why mostly it’s better to buy glass than plastic. 

  • Paper and cardboard 

Paper bags are far more eco-friendly that plastic ones and used bags can be neatly folded for future use as carriers of food and dinner leftovers. 

Cardboard boxes can be broken down and laid flat and come in handy when you need to pack up goods for storage purposes. Cardboard and paper are fully recyclable and should never be disposed of as general waste.

  • Fabrics

When that old T-shirt wears thin and full of holes, it is destined for anew life in the cleaning cupboard. Fabric should always be recycled or repurposed, whether to make rugs, coasters, potholders or to retire as cleaning rags. 

Final Thoughts 

Your contribution to the efficient waste management in the Chester area starts with you in the household. Not only is it the practice of ensuring that the right waste goes into the correct coloured bin, but its also ensuring that all those helping to manage household waste more efficiently, do the right thing. 

Doing the right thing can only happen when everyone is informed and constructively looks for the ways to deal with household waste. 

If it starts well at household level, its sure to be disposed of correctly. This will ensure we have a clean community, with proper waste management practices. 

Rubbish Removal Chester is your partner in your community there to help you carry through your good intentions. We are licensed to serve in your area and offer a waste collection service that is flexible to accommodate your busy schedule. This means we even come after hours and at weekends. We also offer a same day junk removal service.

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