Rubbish in house that needs refurbishing
Disposing of Your Rubbish when Refurbishing a Property
July 16, 2019
wheel barrow full of garden waste
Summertime Clean Up
May 10, 2020
Rubbish in house that needs refurbishing
Disposing of Your Rubbish when Refurbishing a Property
July 16, 2019
wheel barrow full of garden waste
Summertime Clean Up
May 10, 2020

Cheap Rubbish Removal Chester, Deeside, Ellesmere Port

Been wondering what to do about the waste lying in your house and piling up in the garden? Waste removal companies like ours are here to help you if you are in Chester, Deeside, Ellesmere Port or surrounding areas.

You do not have to stress any longer. We are a rubbish removal company with a solution to your problem. All that waste that has been accumulating in your garage for all these years blocking your car can now be removed. It’s quite normal for all your house rubbish to end up in your garage. Having a house clearance sorts out your house, but every time you need to find a tool or want to do some woodwork you cannot seem to get passed the mess and end up frustrated. We expect to find old throw out boxes, used and disused appliances, wrecked computers and screens, or an old couch. Name it, it’s in there and you have not been able to do any waste removal because you didn’t know who to call. Well here we are. One call and we will arrange a waste pickup.

But where do you start? Most people look in the garage and slam it shut again, thinking this is a job for another day. We would like to give you some practical advice on how to tackle your garage cleanout.

Clean up tips

  • Start early in the morning when you are fresh and up to the task.
  • Take everything out of the garage and put it in the driveway
  • Separate as follows: “Stay”, “go”, “recycle”
  • Remember the “stay” items should be something you are going to use.
  • Unless you are really going to fix the broken items put them in the ‘Go” pile
  • Your ‘stay’ pile can go back into the garage.
  • Keep a keen eye on goods that can be recycled. Recycle as much as you can.
  • Little “Go items” can be put on the pavement for your usual home trash removal.
  • You should have two piles: the ”go” items and the recycle/donate pile. Waste disposal can be a time-consuming and rubbish removal prices need to be considered. Rubbish pick up needs a big vehicle, and the waste disposal should be in the appropriate dumps or landfill.

Now that you have cleared the garage just give us a call, we can help you and at the same time relieve you of the stress of disposing of your unwanted junk. First, we will give you a quotation and you will discover that we are competitive when it comes to rubbish removal prices.

There is no need for you to hire a skip and pay for a bin pickup by trash hauliers or worry about correctly disposing of your unwanted items. Our professional team help with your rubbish removal efficiently and cost-effectively. Let us take over and do the messy and hard work for you while we clear your waste that has accumulated in your home, apartment, garage, attic or shed and dispose of your unwanted items in an environmentally friendly manner.

Some other waste removal considerations

  • You may want to extend your clean up to other parts of the property. In this case, make use of our bulk rubbish removal service. Put your different types of rubbish in piles and make sure our team has easy access to it in order to keep extra labour charges down.
  • This may include garden or lawn waste removal. Look around and see what you can put together.
  • Try separating your waste. Recyclable materials make a difference to the environment, so separate these from your general waste.
  • Help charitable causes. Items such as books, clothes and furniture that are in a reasonable state can be used by less fortunate people.

Have recycling in mind

We want our actions to be as environmentally responsible as possible. Are you aware of how your household and garden waste removal works? Are you a recycler of your waste? It is our duty to treat our environment responsibly by making sure that our waste is removed in an accountable manner.

We are fully licensed with a waste carrier certificate which means that it’s our duty to dispose of your waste at authorized waste disposal sites, in order for it to be recycled, reused or trashed. You will feel reassured that by law, you have been responsible by using a waste removal company that is certified and has disposed of your waste in the correct way.

There are many items that can be recycled

You would be surprised which items can be recycled during the waste clearance of your house. These could include old bedroom furniture including mattresses not in use anymore, bed and headboards, cupboards, musical instruments, old clothes, unused books, broken kitchen equipment, appliances and electronic equipment.

You want your waste disposal to be done neatly and quickly with the least disruption. So, once you are ready for us to collect, we will send our friendly and efficient team. Once we have completed your waste removal, we ensure that everything is perfectly clean, swept and we leave no trace of trash behind. The waste is disposed of responsibly by reusing and recycling where possible. Our mission is to drop as little as possible at the landfill site so that you can be assured that we carry our responsibility as a waste disposal company out with pride.

 We have many customers in Chester and the surrounding area including private homeowners, landlords, large property management companies, letting agents and Government departments. Our professional waste removal teams are professional, highly trained with checked references and we pride ourselves in treating our customers with respect.

So, take a good look at your garage and take the big step. Time to tidy up. Consider all items from the perspective that they may have a use for others. Go and sort out the waste and get the rubbish ready for pick up. Waste removal is a satisfying experience. You may even have new-found energy to start up your woodwork again in your clean garage!

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