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recycling with kids
Recycling with Kids, Chester
September 27, 2020
waste management and disposal chester
Waste Management at Home, Chester
September 27, 2020
recycling with kids
Recycling with Kids, Chester
September 27, 2020
waste management and disposal chester
Waste Management at Home, Chester
September 27, 2020

Managing Waste in These Times

The changing patterns of waste disposal are a worry to authorities, as more and more trash is ending up in landfill sites and incinerators instead of the sustainable methods of disposal. This is directly due to the disruption of services and more pressure on waste build up in rural areas. 

This means that the role of private, trash pickup companies such as ours assume even more importance in the waste management chain. The support we give to local councils in the function of waste removal has never been more important. 

We at Rubbish Removal Chester take our role very seriously and we carefully watch and monitor trends that have emerged recently. 


How Have Things Changed Recently?

As countries shut their borders, and nations elected to go into lockdown, we all had to adjust our lifestyles accordingly. Work and leisure patterns changed completely. We all stayed at home, hoping, and waiting for it all to be over. 

While the environment started to breathe a sigh of relief, one would have expected things to get better. Less air travel meant less CO2 emissions in the atmosphere, and industrial waste levels dropped off. 

Already we are seeing prices for apartments in major cities drop, and houses in the countryside escalate. Workers don’t have to live near their place of work anymore. It’s a lifestyle choice that can be made by many and is likely to put more pressure on waste management in countryside towns.

Businesses, on the other hand will be looking at ways to reduce their overheads, starting with a review of their current leases, and seeing the benefits of having their employees work remotely, requiring them to come to just a few face-to-face meetings a year.


What has Changed in Waste Management as a Result?

The pandemic has laid bare some shortcomings in the waste management practices, and this could result in increased environmental pollution, which could make disease easier to spread.

There has been a shift in focus onto the huge increase in the management of medical waste. Even the businesses that were not associated with healthcare have had to use more PPE, and it became imperative that all these items are disposed of responsibly.

Routines had to be established in the workplace to ensure that PPE were disposed of at the businesses, using proper disposal practices to ensure a COVID-secure chain.

Every business has had the responsibility of being Covid-secure, or face the sanction of the authorities, and some of the rules included the separation of PPE from other waste streams to ensure their risk is minimized.

The provision of self-standing, plastic-lined PPE containers such as boxes are an important addition to the safe disposal of used PPE. When full, the box is sealed in such a way that there is no contact with the plastic bag and collected as a dedicated service which ensures no contamination dangers. As it is considered offensive waste it is then incinerated according to the correct guidelines.


What Tips Can We Give? 

Our change in habits has changed the patterns of waste generation, trash pickup and disposal, and we must look at being far safer with our practices. 

  • We encourage your business to help us become part of your risk assessment and waste management strategy.
  • Deep cleaning of bins is the safest option once used, and do so out of reach of staff or storage areas.
  • Daily collections are best. It's advisable not to let waste lie around, and pack securely into disposable, sealable plastic bags rather than dump into wheelie bins.
  • Ensure that the pickup point for your local trash removal company is away from visitors and staff, and that they have no access to the waste bags.
  • Keep your used PPE items completely separate from other forms of waste. Ensure that PPE is used once only to keep a sanitized business environment.


Some Positive Signs for Climate Change

The increase in waste generation is a negative result of the pandemic. However, there are some positive signs of the environment benefitting from the restriction of human activity. Estimations are that the global economic slowdowns that have taken place will have reduced the overall CO2 emissions by up to 8% in 2020.  

Reports of wildlife re-emerging from the surrounding countryside and being seen in fields and towns, cleaner air in cities, less traffic on roads, and a much more pleasant environment have become commonplace. This gives us all an idea of what a greener future could entail.

We know that it’s unlikely to be sustained, but with less air travel and factory emissions, the environmental impact on the atmosphere has been positive. Up to 40% less nitrogen dioxide is being found in the air currently. This contaminant is generated by the burning of jet fuels and other fossil fuels like coal, in mining.  

Society’s health has benefitted too, as nitrogen dioxide is a known cause of respiratory problems when these particles are breathed in by humans.

It’s shown us that it can be done, albeit only for a while, while our environment takes a breather. 

As a responsible junk removal service, we are always looking for encouraging and practical ways to help mitigate climate change through the responsible disposal of waste.


Why Choose Us?

We at Rubbish Removal Chester are at the cutting edge of waste disposal, and carefully monitor and adapt, to accommodate all kinds of waste management needs as the need comes about. We will assess that permanent measures are put in place after lockdown, and expect that there will be an impact on businesses’ waste management practices. Our team is in place to offer companies any safe service that fits into your plans.

Please feel free to check out the reviews of our reputation for customer service. We aim to give reliable and professional junk removal service, so please call us first when you need any junk hauled away.

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