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Office Moving and Office Clearance, Chester
May 23, 2020
House room with ceiling fan being repaired or renovated
Building Waste and Home Renovation Chester
June 5, 2020
men moving office equipment boxes
Office Moving and Office Clearance, Chester
May 23, 2020
House room with ceiling fan being repaired or renovated
Building Waste and Home Renovation Chester
June 5, 2020

Trade Waste, Chester


Waste products generated by commercial businesses accumulate on the premises and must be removed and disposed of on a regular basis. Also known as business waste, commercial waste, or trade waste, is the responsibility of businesses to manage their waste in a holistic way.

This is because the effect that this waste has on the ecology of the environment can be very harmful if not managed properly. The law must be followed on the way waste should be treated, disposed of, or recycled. Business owners who transgress the law could face a steep fine. 

A Waste management plan for your business 

Our expertise lies in the management of waste, we offer this service to help you put in place a waste removal plan to ensure that you stay within the law and do not throw money away unnecessarily. Increased landfill taxes and waste removal costs should be carefully managed so that your business can keep its daily, weekly, and monthly waste disposal costs in budget. 

As more than 25% of all waste is generated by commercial enterprises, if not managed responsibly, could cause major harm to the environment. Therefore, business owners should familiarize themselves with the laws relating to waste disposal, as well as have a good grip of the costs involved. Figures show that the expense of waste management and disposal in a business, is as high as four percent of the turnover of the business. 


How can Rubbish Removal Chester Assist Your Business

An integral part of what we do as a waste removal business is to focus on the environmental aspects of waste disposal and are on the forefront of creative methods to recycle waste in a responsible way.  We offer you useful advice on this subject of all your junk materials, either sending them to scrap yards, or exploring other methods to recycle them. 

The commercial world has been forced to use sustainable waste removal practices, a move which has seen implementing companies benefit by having a positive image in the marketplace. Gaining a reputation as a “green'' company can be used on packaging, on websites, or moving media, and can provide the business with a commercial advantage when it comes to tenders, contracts or getting new leads.


Trade Waste Recycling

Before you start implementing recycling at your business it is imperative to involve your employees from the outset, as they are integral to its success. By training your staff on the principles of waste recycling, reuse, or reduction programs, you will ensure that the company does not transgress the laws, saves money, and is ecologically responsible. Rubbish Removal Chester is a licensed waste removal operator and is focused on making recycling easy and practical for your business.  


Here are the top four kinds of trade waste that are commonly separated at source for recycling:


  • Paper and Cardboard Recycling

Separation at source starts right there on your premises. Your staff will be familiar with the term, as most are likely to be doing it at home already. Paper and cardboard comprise a good share of trade waste as businesses use both in packaging, storage, and office use. There is no need for any paper or cardboard to go to the landfill, as it can all be recycled. This will also help reduce the environmental pressure on trees, where deforestation is taking place at a rapid rate. Remembering that it takes three tons of wood to make a ton of paper, any recycling you can do will be helping the environment. 

Separation is made easy if done in colour-coded bins, each colour for each category of recyclable trade waste. Ask the friendly staff at Rubbish Removal Chester if you need any advice or help with this.

  • Plastic Recycling

Plastic is the enemy of environmentalists and is a major pollutant because of its throw-away usability. Plastic products are common in foods products, and at retail and wholesale levels, large amounts of plastic are sold. Every company has plastic waste, and when you choose us to do your waste management and removal, you can be assured that we recycle plastic correctly. Our responsible approach to recycling various types of plastic used in industries, mean that we know how to dispose of it responsibly.

  • Rubber Recycling

In recent years, advances have been made in the recycling of tyres, effectively reducing the huge stockpiles that had been building up. This development also reduced the number of used tyres that used to end up being dumped illegally in watercourses and across the landscape, causing massive pollution. Nowadays, old, used tyres can be converted into fuel products, used in cement and asphalting, and recycled rubber converted into other useful products. 

  • E-Waste or Electronic Recycling

E-waste, or electronic waste, is a problem to most people, and it often builds up because they do not know what to do with it. E-waste comprises any piece of equipment that has ended its life. With modern-day technology, electronics’ lives are becoming shorter, and more electronic waste is accumulating. Mobile phones for example are often designed to have a 2-year life, and so on. 

We are aware of this, and we find creative ways to deal with the disposal of e-waste. Old computers for example are good to donate or break-up for parts. We are aware that some electronic equipment contains toxic materials and can advise accordingly. Printer cartridges take many years to degrade, and should never end up in a landfill. They can be given to good causes that refill them, such as schools or charitable organizations.

Should you require a trade waste clearance company with a great reputation of service excellence, look no further than us. Our prices are sharp, our reliability 100%, and our staff are friendly and professional.

Even though we are not equipped to handle hazardous materials, flammable items, or medical waste, we are able to advise you on a solution for these as well. It's all part of our good service philosophy.


Please feel free to contact us today for a No Obligation quote or fill in the Contact Form on our website: 

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