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waste management and removal
What you Should Know About Landfills – Chester
November 12, 2020
household furniture piled up for waste removal and disposal
Bulky Household Waste Collection Services, Chester
November 22, 2020
waste management and removal
What you Should Know About Landfills – Chester
November 12, 2020
household furniture piled up for waste removal and disposal
Bulky Household Waste Collection Services, Chester
November 22, 2020

What exactly is E-waste, and why is it such a problem? A lot has to do with the pace of technology today. With so many new ‘smart” products being born, we are all tempted to upgrade our electronic devices even before they expire, or while they are still functional. 

E-waste of course, is a term used for electronic or electrical equipment that needs to be disposed of. It is a category of waste that is a real problem to our universe and is the fastest waste sector. Not only that, but E-waste is a difficult waste component to get rid of. 

We thought you’d like to know more about this as you are sure to be faced with the problem of having to find a responsible way to dispose of your own e-waste. 

At Rubbish Removal Chester we collect E-waste all the time and have found excellent ways to ensure that the disposal of e-waste is not a burden to the environment.

Let’s tell you all about it.

Here is a list of common domestic E-waste items.

  • Electric stoves
  • Microwaves
  • Refrigerators
  • Dishwashers, washing machines and dryers
  • TV’s
  • Video Game Systems
  • DVD and Blu Ray Players
  • Cell phones and smartphones
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Desktop computers and monitors
  • Fax machines
  • Copiers
  • Printers
  • Lights, night lights, smart lights
  • Remote controls

This list could include more items, but it gives an idea of what comprises E-waste.


The Effects of E-waste on Our Environment

The effect of E waste on the environment comes as a shock when the facts are put on the table. Little does everyone know, but they contain toxic chemicals that are dangerous to human and animal life. 

  • These chemicals include dioxins, cadmium, and mercury.
  • Once buried in landfills they start to leach into the water course and soil substrate, polluting the environment for ages.
  • Toxic fumes can be inhaled when released from these chemicals.
  • One of these, notably mercury, can cause brain damage to humans.
  • The ultimate destination for polluted water is our oceans, and that means trouble for all of us, sea creatures, and the planet.

In a short space of ten years things have changed completely with the way in which E-waste is handled. E-waste used to be exported to developing countries, especially China, but this practice was very detrimental to them. They were found not to have the capacity to recycle these used E-waste products, and this practice has ceased. 

The net effect has been that E-waste built up to such high levels that it caused untold damage to the environment and to human health in these countries. 

This means that it’s a large-scale global problem. To get some idea of its size, in 2019, 52,7 million tons of E waste ended up in the environment globally. In the UK alone, 52,6 pounds per person was generated, close on the heels of Norway at 57, 3 pounds per person. 

The prediction for the future is not rosy.


How can we solve the problem of E-waste?


This must be our priority, but perhaps not everyone understands how it is done. For sure it's imperative that we keep e-waste out for our landfills. By spreading the message that E-waste is dangerous for the environment is a start. 

The electrics bank at your recycling center is where E-waste should end up. By isolating these items and putting them aside for recycling, you are doing the environment a favour. Leave them to the specialists to recycle. 

The WEEE program undertaken in West Chester is just an example of the type of community program designed to reduce the amount of E waste damaging our environment. We are Rubbish Removal Chester support any initiative designed to help with this problem. 

The local council does offer bulky waste pickups, which must be arranged. Lately this service has been interrupted by circumstances familiar to all of us, so make sure it's still running. 

Rest assured that we are on top of our game and are ready to assist in any way if you need help with removal of your E waste.  Our recycling policy will leave you with that reassured feeling that your E-waste is hauled away and recycled. 

If you are buying a new electronic appliance, consider doing so from a retailer that takes back and recycles old models, as then you will be assured that you are doing the right thing with your old model. 


Our experience is that a lot of E-waste is still operational or has a few minor defects that could easily be remedied. In this case, by donating these items, they can be put in the hands of creative DIYers to resuscitate them for further use. 


Recovery is the process of isolating valuable parts from the E-waste. These components have further use by manufacturers. The process of mining these materials can be avoided this way, saving time, and the resources required to mine them.

In fact, the metals in e-waste of high value are silver, tin, gold, palladium, and copper, all with an extremely high value. This means that there is money in junk, we just must know where to find it. 


Why Choose Us?

A compelling reason to recycle E waste is the real damage that it causes to our environment and the reason that it should be kept out of the landfill. Recycle your E-waste though the “3 R” principle, by contacting us or your local recycling centre. 

We enjoy a great reputation for customer service. We give a consistently good waste clearance service at an affordable price, so please call us first anytime you need E-waste cleared. If your business generates E-waste that you are unable to handle, don’t wait or resort to the easy way out, simply give us a call.  

Please contact us today for a No Obligation quote or fill in the Contact Form on our website: 

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